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Trinity Forge EMS Manual

Revision Date: 06/29/02

Section I:  Scope

Trinity Forge maintains an environmental management system (EMS) compliant with the ISO 14001:1996 standard. This EMS Manual provides the basis of our environmental management system including our corporate mission statement, our environmental policy, and a depiction of the interaction of the processes within our quality system, and reference to the documents controlling the EMS. Our ISO 9001-based quality management system predates our ISO 14001-based environmental management system, and inasmuch as there is a substantial overlap between the management system required to satisfy the two standards the quality management system provides the foundation for the EMS.

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Section II:  Corporate Mission 

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Section III:  Environmental Policy

We at Trinity Forge are committed to:

Manufacturing products in an environmentally responsible manner that reduces pollution, encourages recycling, increases energy efficiency and minimizes waste.

Identifying and understanding the environmental aspects of our business, targeting areas for improvement and training all team members in responsible environmental management techniques.

Abiding by applicable environmental laws and regulations, taking mitigating actions should violations occur.

Striving to cooperate with the public and government to protect human health and the environment and to communicate environmental information about our business.

Conducting periodic reviews of our environmental management system and continually seeking to improve it.

Operating and developing our business within a system compliant with ISO 14001:1996.

Section IV:  Interaction of Processes

Generalized depiction of the Trinity Forges processes available at

Section V:  EMS - An ISO 14001:1996 Outline

Trinity Forge has a documented environmental management system (EMS). The ISO 14001 standard is the basic model for this system. Details regarding those areas of ISO 14001 that overlap ISO 9001 may be found in Section V of the Trinity Forge Quality Manual The use of the term quality throughout the document should not be misconstrued as excluding environmental issues, such as in the phrase internal quality auditing, as the shared systems address environmental issues exactly the same as quality issues. Quality assurance was chronologically the first matter addressed by our documented management system, thus the heavy use of the term quality. Following is a description of those aspects of the EMS which may not be adequately covered by the Quality Manual.

Our EMS is controlled by this EMS Manual available on the Internet at Our Environmental Policy is included as Section III of the EMS Manual. Below the Environmental Policy is our Operational Plans document, or Op Plans, which is posted throughout our facility, embodying our strategic plans including our environmental objectives and targets.

The primary procedural document is Trinity Operating Procedures (TOPs), maintained as a "hypertext" file available on Trinity Forge's intranet. Of particular environmental interest are:

Other documents relevant to our environmental management system are:

Section VI:  Revision History


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