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Trinity Operating Procedures (TOPs)

Last Published: March 14, 2017

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Popular TOPs ~ TOPs Populár

ABSEN Attendance Policy ~ Póliza de Asistencia

BENFT Synopsis of Benefits ~ Resumén de Beneficios

BLAST Blasting ~ Limpiar con Golpeo

CDCHG Heat Code Changes ~ Cambios al Código

CUTIT Cutting Raw Material ~ Cortando Materia Prima

CYCLE Cycle Counting ~ Conteo Cíclico

DSHOP Die Shop ~ Taller de los Dados

DRUGS Drugs and Alcohol Policy ~ Póliza Sobre Drogas y Alcohol

FORGE Forging ~ Forjado

GUIDE General Guidelines ~ Lineamientos Generales

IDEAS Ideas Suggestion Reports ~ Reportes de Sugerencia de Ideas

ENFRC TOP Procedure Enforcement ~ Puesta En Vigor del Procedimiento TOP

JSTRT Starting a Production Forging Job ~ Comenzando la Producción de un Trabajo Forjado

LOKTG Lock-Out/Tag-Out ~ Clausurar-Inhabilitar/Marcar-Fuera de Servicio

MOPPP Performing Machine Shop Operations ~ Ejecutando Funciones en el Taller de Maquinado

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TOPs Revision History (at least last six months):

Revisions made as of January and March 2017

Changed President to VP-Manufacturing and Controller.

Added a note to Step 9 - What To Do.

Revisions made as of January 2017

TOP-MFLUX Step 6 What To Do - Added link to ISPEC-MPIWI. Step 7 Added "Green" MPI Sticker to What To Use, What To Do and Results. Added links to ISPEC-MPICM and ISPEC-NDTTR after Step 9.

Revisions made as of November 2016

TOP-FORGE Added Step 4.

TOP-CALIB Replaced Calibration Log with Gage Tracking System (GTS).

TOP-MORDR Added Step 12.

TOP-POSUP Additional steps added through TOP.

TOP-TOPSM Step 2 revised "Information to Use" ISO-9001:2008, AS9100C and "What to Do" added last sentence; Step 4 "What to Do" added last sentence.

TOP-TRAIN Removed President; added more or more Vice Presidents; also replaced Training Coordinator with HR Manager.