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TOP-CARRR: Corrective and Preventive Action

REV: 11/18/15

Scope: This procedure covers Trinity Forge's program of corrective and preventive action which addresses problems, including quality problems, and preventive action opportunities. The main vehicle for this program is the Corrective Action Report ("CAR") e-mail system. [Note: for purposes of this procedure, unless specifically stated the term "CAR" is used interchangeably for both corrective and preventive action.]

1 Any Manager (or any Team Member working with a Manager) Upon determining the need for formal corrective or preventive action (see list of CAR categories below) Own observation and any evidence deemed appropriate E-mail request for CAR to VP-Sourcing; include actions already taken and as appropriate, Job Order, Customer and TOP ID; attach supporting documentation deemed appropriate; do not use the CAR system as a means of immediately fixing a problem, make any immediate correction of problem through formal procedures. CAR requested
2 VP-Sourcing Upon Receiving CAR request CAR; list of CAR categories (below); own judgment Verify that any immediate problem correction is proceeding properly, determine if CAR is appropriate for the case at hand; if not, handle request at own discretion; otherwise, assign a CAR ID (CAR category-slash-date-dash-letter, such as Q/2000-10-31-A) and place it as the first component in the e-mail subject line, followed by a brief description of the subject of the CAR; determine who is the best person to administer the CAR (typically an officer or the QA Manager) and include that person's name in the e-mail subject line (can be omitted if the VP-Sourcing will personally be the administrator); e-mail the CAR to the designated CAR Administrator. CAR/PAR returned or accepted and entered into CAR Control File; if accepted, initiated as e-mail to CAR Administrator

CAR Categories

1st letter of CAR-ID

Type of CAR Notes


Internal Audit See TOP-IAUDT


Customer Complaint See TOP-CUSTC


External Audit External audit finding.


Safety or Environmental Hazard From Safety Committee, Environmental Coordinator or subsequent to an injury or spill.


Quality System For violation and/or failure of quality system.




Adverse Trend This type may come from analysis or from observation of trends among CARs.


Vendor (supplier/subcontractor) For any adverse trend related to a supplier or subcontractor.


Management initiative Any CAR may be elevated to this category at management discretion.

2nd letter of CAR-ID

Type of CAR Notes
Lower case of any letter listed above Secondary CAR category

Where there are multiple categories relevant to a CAR, the lower-case second letter can be used to indicate the secondary category. This categorization might be added well into the life of the CAR. For example, if a customer complaint CAR C/9999-999 proved to be caused by a subcontractor’s error, its ID could be extended to become CAR Cv/9999-999.

p (lower case)

Preventive Action The use of a lowercase "p" signifies an issue being addressed is "preventive" rather than "corrective"

k (lower case)

Kaizen Event The use of a lowercase "k" signifies "preventive", specifically using the "kaizen blitz" methodology.
CAR Administrator
Upon receiving CAR e-mail from VP-Sourcing or assignee
CAR; own judgment; other data deemed appropriate
Review CAR carefully; if deem further work is needed on the CAR, determine who is the best person to perform the corrective/preventative action procedures and e-mail the CAR and the assignment with due date to that person, saving a copy of the e-mail in CAR Control File; when CAR appears to be completed, verify that the root cause of the nonconformities has been clearly identified in the text with yellow highlight, verify that corrective action to eliminate or prevent occurrence has been adequately performed and clearly identified in the text with blue highlight (plus green highlight for a formal plan of action, if included); e-mail CAR back to VP-Sourcing.
CAR pursued to completion
Person receiving CAR assignment Upon receiving CAR e-mail from CAR Administrator
CAR; own judgment; other data deemed appropriate Read CAR assignment carefully to understand exactly what is being assigned; within that assignment take whatever action is needed to gain an understanding of the cause of nonconformities relating to product, process and quality system, and recording the results of the investigation; determine the corrective action needed to eliminate the cause of nonconformities; apply controls to ensure that corrective action is taken and that it is effective; use appropriate sources of information such as processes and work operations which affect product quality, concessions, audit results, quality records, service reports and customer complaints to detect, analyze and eliminate potential causes of nonconformities; determine the steps needed to deal with any problems requiring preventive action; initiation of preventive action and application of controls to ensure that it is effective; e-mail results of assignment to CAR Administrator for effectiveness review (see step 3); if help is needed at any time with assignment, e-mail CAR Administrator for assistance or reassignment of corrective/preventive action analysis. Corrective and preventive actions; results of CAR assignment e-mailed to CAR Administrator
CAR Administrator
Frequently (typically once a week) Open order file of CARs from CAR Control File Send reminders via e-mail to any person delinquent in completing their CAR assignment; extend due date as deem appropriate; reassign CAR as deem appropriate. Unnecessary delay of CAR prevented
VP-Sourcing Upon receipt of completed CAR
CAR; own judgment If deem further work is needed on the CAR, (re)assign the CAR and continue at step 3; when CAR appears to be completed, place in CAR e-mail in a CAR review e-mail folder to allow time for effectiveness of action to be properly reviewed; monthly, review CARs awaiting long-term effectiveness review after long-term effectiveness has been determined, note within the CAR e-mail and save the CAR e-mail as "closed" in CAR Control File; if deemed appropriate, notify person who originally requested the CAR of its disposition. CAR pursued to verified, effective completion; history maintained in CAR Control File

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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