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TOP-CHEMC: Chemical Check Analysis


SCOPE: This procedure covers chemical verification of raw material through chemical check analysis.








Steelyard Leadman Upon being notified that analysis is required Note on Steel Yard Traveler or other notification Pull up the bar(s) to have tested; assign the next heat code to the bar(s) per TOP- CUTIT cut a coupon of about 1/2" off each bar; steel stamp the heat code on the coupon; plus add a -1,-2, etc. after the heat code on both the coupon and the bar it was cut from so that total traceability is maintained between coupons and bars; bundle and tag (with Job Order, heat code and bar count) the bars and return them to the Steelyard (unless cutting immediately); give the coupons to the Shipping/Post Forge Supervisor. Serialized heat codes assigned to each bar; test coupon cut and heat code assigned
2 Shipping Clerk Upon receiving coupons for chemical check analysis Marked coupon; envelope and heat code info Verify that coupon markings agree with info on envelope and heat code program; verify that Certified Mill Test Reports are on file (obtain them through Shipping/Post Forge Supervisor if not on file); submit coupon(s) to laboratory per TOP-OTEST. Coupon(s) reviewed and tested; Certified Mill Test Reports on file; coupon(s) to lab for testing
3 QA Assistant Upon receiving results form laboratory Lab results Notify QA Manager, Production Manager, Steelyard Supervisor and Shipping Supervisor of lab results. Results reported and filed
4 QA Manager Notification from QA Assistant or laboratory Lab results; Specification Library Upon being advised of negative results of chemical check analysis notify Shipping Supervisor or Steelyard Supervisor to isolate failed material; tag material with "HOLD" tag "Failed Chemical Check Analysis"; disposition material. Parts isolated until scrapped; order rescheduled
5 Materials Manager Notification of failure Notification of failure Initiate Raw Material Nonconformance Report(RMNR) per TOP-RMNON. RMNR initiated
6 Production Supervisor Upon being notified order needs to be rescheduled Notification of failed chemical check analysis Reschedule order (see TOP-ORDER). Order rescheduled
Upon being advised of negative results of chemical check analyses notify Shipping or Steelyard to isolate failed material. Tag material with “HOLD” tag “Failed Chemical Check Analysis"; Disposition material.

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