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TOP-CUSTC: Customer Complaints


SCOPE: This procedure covers the handling of customer complaints, particularly the processing of Customer Complaint Reports (CCRs).

1 Anyone receiving customer complaint As receives complaint Customer complaint (typically telephone call, fax or letter); possibly company records for needed details Get details from customer as clearly as possible, asking for diagrams, samples and the like if possible; e-mail Customer Service Representative all information; place any open sales orders affected by the customer complaint on hold
Step a2 performed when complaint addresses billing and shipment problems only, NOT involving paperwork (certs).
a2 Customer Service Representative
If complaint addresses billing (part price) and shipment problems (freight line, ship to address, etc.) not involving paperwork problems (cert) or damaged goods Complaint information Verify affected Sales Orders have been placed on hold; resolve billing (part price) or shipment problem (freight line, ship to address, etc.); ensure the customer complaint resolution meets both the approval of management and the customer; communicate with Customer Service Representative to remove hold on affected Sales Orders
Steps b2-b5 performed when complaint does involve paperwork (certs) or damaged goods.
b2 Customer Service Representative After receipt of customer complaint information involving paperwork problems (cert) or damage goods
Complaint information Verify affected Sales Orders has been placed on hold and that necessary customer complaint information has been gathered; email customer complaint information to OA Manager
b3 QA Manager After receipt of customer complaint information involving paperwork problems (cert) or damage goods
Complaint information Enter a Customer Service Inquiry (CSI) in M2M, including "To Do" items for processing the issue; review complaint information for required corrective action; if needed, forward back to President for possible entry into the Corrective Action Report system per TOP-CARRR; notify customer of corrective action being taken and issue Return Material Authorization number (RMA) if parts are to be returned or credited
b4 QA Manager After initial investigation and management inputs Information received; personal judgment Determine if remedial action has been taken; when satisfied, reactivate affected open orders; close out the CSI once parts have been returned and disposition made; notify Accounting Manager parts have been returned and CSI has been closed
b5 Accounting Manager When notified by QA Manager to issue credit RMA Issue credit; RMA automatically closed once credit is entered

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