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TOP-DLIST: Document and Record Master List

REV: 03/13/17

Scope: This list shows each of the documents that define the Trinity Forge Quality System or that control actions taken under the system. It identifies the position responsible for the production and control of each document as well as the procedure(s) by which it is controlled. Note that documents identified as <on computer> are also subject to the control provisions of the TOPs manual. Issuance and distribution of all paper documents must at a minimum meet the requirements of section (a) of TOP-DOCUM. Controlled paper documents, with which obsolete versions must be retrieved in order to maintain control are referred to as "DOCUM(b)" documents and are governed by section (b) of TOP-DOCUM. Records must be retained per TOP-RECDS.  All quality records that are stored in the system must be stored in a location that is electronically backed up on a regular schedule. This is typically in theTrinity Forge "S: Shared" drive. Document owners may consider limiting access to editing of these documents.

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Activity Based Costing (ABC) Spreadsheet Complex Excel spreadsheet to convert financial and operational data into standards labor and overhead rates for each "activity" or work center. File: ABC Work Center Rate Calcs .xlsx Controller 5 years JCOST
Affirmative Action Program Specific observations and goals to promote the objectives of equal employment opportunity at Trinity Forge, Inc HR Manager 10 years EEOAA
AMMS replaces MP2

Software package to monitor maintenance tasks and inventories.

Warehouse Administrator . PREVM
Approved Vendor List


Vendors approved to receive purchase/work orders, including approved-for categories. Maintained in M2M Vendors window. QA Manager . SAPVL


Asbestos Management Plan The formal Asbestos Management Plan and all related records, logs, and training records, retained with the Environmental file. HR Manager for Asbestos Program Manager 10 years HAZCM
Authorization for Treatment and Report Authorization from Trinity Forge, Inc. for injured employee to seek medical treatment for job-related injury. Supervisor or Foreman 6 years ACDNT
Bill of Lading Trucker's shipping document. Copy filed in "Bill of Lading" file in Accounting Department Accounts Receivable Clerk 20 years FINIS
BOM (bill of material)

<kept on-line>

BOM (bill of material) tells what tooling and material is needed to make a part; the diameter, size of the material; if stud weld is needed. VP-Manufacturing . JSTRT



C=0 Sampling Plan Zero acceptance sampling plan and associated acceptable quality levels. QA Manager . POSQC


Cad/Cam File Computer document defining the shape of a part with it's geometry and verbiage. Includes the CNC file. There is generally a 3D solid model. VP-Quality & Engineering 20 Years PRDEV
Calibration Certificate Documentation received from outside calibration provider, filed in the public directory on the computer system under QA\METROLOGY\Gage Cert.Scans. Calibrations Clerk 40 Years CALIB
Calibration Control System <on computer & hardcopy> Database of all calibrated instruments, including current status and recalibration dates. Maintained on the Network accessible from Calibrations Clerk personal computer with individual readings kept on paper in file. Calibrations Clerk 40 Years CALIB
Cast Report

Dimensional analysis (typically from Coordinate Measuring Machine) of patterns, casts, etc. Stored in Engineering files.

Engineering Assistant 20 years CASTS


Certificate of Material (certs, certifications) Our certificate of material, including test results and citing specifications observed, provided to customer. QA Manager 40 years AFTSH
Certification of NDT Written statement that an individual has met the applicable requirements for NDT method. QA Manager . .
Concession/Change Order Document (email) Document used to record customers' in-process order changes and any waiver (concession) obtained from customer. Filed in Customer PO file if it pertains to a specific PO or in Engineering files if it applies to future orders. (This combines the obsolete Concession Document and Change Order Check List) Business Development Manager 40 years CHNGE

Contract Review Sheet Document used to double check accuracy of order entry. Business Development Manager 3 years ORDER
Corrective Action Report (CAR) E-mailed based document for addressing deficiencies. The name 'report' in the name is strictly traditional carry-over from pre-computer days. Located in CAR Control File VP-Sourcing 5 years CARRR
Corrective Action Report (CAR) Control File Shared e-mail file <on computer> to control processing of CARs and PARs through various stages from initiation through final effectiveness review then archiving. Subdivided into Chronological categories, each in user-defined sequence. VP-Sourcing 5 years CARRR
Customer Complaint Report (CCR) Document for controlling review and resolution of customer complaints. Computer File. QA Manager 5 years CUSTC
Customer PO File Folder containing all customer purchasing and contract documents relating to a parts order as well as the repository of subcontract, testing and shipping records. Maintained in Sales area, alphanumerically by customer ID (see Cross-Reference Packet for IDs and customer PO number. Business Development Manager 40 years ORDER
Customer Grade Codes

S:\Purchasing\customer grade codes.xls

Spreadsheet used to assign the customer part number; place any customer heat codes that need to be stamped on the parts into the notes in the Router. Business Development Manager . CUSTC
Customer Master Detailed instructions in M2M's customer profile listing any special requirement for production, machining, inspection, outside work performed, and shipping. Business Development Manager 20 years .
Customer File Folders containing customer-related data not specifically linked to a particular parts order. Contains correspondence, quotations and die sale information. Maintained in Sales area alphabetically by customer ID (see Cross-Reference Packet for IDs). Business Development Manager 20 years QUOTE


Customer Print Contains dimensional information for each job to be inspected with location of each dimension and tolerances; the print is stored in the computer and can be viewed and/or printed when needed. VP-Quality & Engineering . PRINT
Customer Specifications Customer specifications scanned and made available on the computer to prevent loss of paper versions of specifications , etc. When the specification is replaced the obsolete specification is then put in the Customer Obsolete File. QA Manager .40 years TPSMM
Customer Survey Survey of Trinity Forge customers to measure their satisfaction, i.e., delivery, dimensions, specifications. Business Development Manager 10 years CSRVY
Customer Survey Plan Electronic Spreadsheet including the year's schedule for customer surveys and strategies planned for stimulating response Business Development Manager/VP- Sales 3 years CSRVY
Customer Service Request

(Formerly Returns & Allowances template (R&A)

Document controlling the processing of parts returned by a customer. Stored in Customer PO file. QA Manager 20 years RTRNS
Cycle Count Form Turnaround document used to control cycle counting. After completion filed in Inventory Files in chronological order. Accounting Manager 3 years MCRIB


Daily Scale Checklist

Form used in recording scale accuracy. Maintained in Shipping files.

Traffic Supervisor Six months FINIS
Data Reentry Note Notification routed for verification that data has been reentered into computer after system failure. Stored in Information Systems Manager's files in chronological order. Information Systems Manager 1 year SYSTM
DLIST On-line document listing all documents and records, noting responsible party, retention time for records and in which procedures the documents are mentioned TOPs Clerk . Quality Manual
DOC.xls (on computer) A document, stored on the PC server, which includes instructions on all "DOCUM(b)". Also includes frequency of each report, distribution lists and confirmation of returned obsolete documents. QA Assistant . DOCUM

Die Impression Cast Approval Letter

Letter sent with the Die Impression Cast to the customer. The customer signs and returns the letter when the cast is approved. Stored in the Engineering files.

Engineering Assistant 10 years CASTS
Die Improvement Slip Form used for Die/Tooling Review Die Shop Supervisor IMPTL
Die Material Cycle Count Form Form used to record steelyard cycle count information. ( S:\ACCTNG\INVENTORY COUNTS\DIE MATERIAL CYCLE COUNT.xls) Accounting Manager . CYCLE


Die Material Inventory Report Blank form used to record steelyard cycle count information ( S:\ACCTNG\INVENTORY COUNTS\DIE MATERIAL CYCLE COUNT.xls) Accounting Manager . CYCLE


Die Machine Schedule

Schedule used by Machine Department for scheduling die and die tooling work.

CNC Programmer . DIMKR
Dies Pulled Form Form used when pulling dies from production area. VP-Manufacturing . .
Die Storage Log Form used to record die storage locations and to update Tooling program. Maintained in the Die Storage Log binder in Die Prep area. Die Shop Supervisor 6 months TOOLT
Dispatch List The Dispatch List contains jobs that are scheduled to be made and is sent daily to the Supervisors.
Discrepancy Reports Form used to document nature of non-conformity and actions taken. Scanned and filed with inspection documents. QC Inspectors, Supervisors 7 years MOPQC




Disposition Tag Tag used to place questionable parts on hold until a sample can be sent to the customer for their acceptance or rejection. QC Supervisor . NOCON
Employee Benefit Plan Document Document produced by Health Plan administrators HR Manager . BENFT
Employee Review Form used to coordinate and record probationary and periodic review of a team member's performance. Filed in individual's personnel file. HR Manager Lifetime of employment plus 10 years TRECS

Employee Stamp List

List of what inspector or operator stamps have been checked out to whom.

QA Assistant .40 years STAMP
Employee Statement of Injury

Statement taken from injured employee regarding circumstances of his/her accident.

HR Manager 6 years ACDNT

Engineering Files

(engineering prints & drawings including forging, die & machine drawings & die layouts)

Files scanned into a computerized format.

Engineering Assistant 5 years PRINT
Environmental File Repository of all environment -related records, including the EMS Annual Report, environmental reports submitted to the government and, if any , public environmental HR Manager 10 Years ENVIR
Environmental Management System (EMS) Annual Report A document (Possibly set of documents) developed with the aid of an environmental consultant reviewing the status of the company environmental program against the law and ISO 14000 including the environmental plans and goals for the coming year as well as an executive summary presented for management review. HR Manager 10 Years ENVIR
"Eyeballs” sticker Testing of QC Inspectors, QC Leadman, Post Forge Workers that work on the inspection table,or anyone doing a visual inspection of a part as part of final review. This testing will be administered annually and the employee will be identified with an “Eyeballs” sticker and calibration date on their hard hat. Calibrations Clerk Annually CALIB
Expected Delivery Date Report Report run on a weekly basis to show what steel has been ordered and when the anticipated delivery is expected "DOCUM(b)" document printed at least weekly Buyer . RECRM
Family or Medical Leave Request Form Family/medical leave request form available through Company's Human Resources Department used to notify the Company that you desire family/medical leave. HR Manager . FMLAP
FG- Racks Spreadsheet <on computer> <now M2M> Excel spreadsheet used to track finished parts stored in the racks in the Shipping Department. It is also used to track customer-supplied forgings and castings while they are onsite. Traffic Supervisor 10 years FINIS

Finished Goods Inventory Count <M2M>

Electronic spreadsheet maintained by Shipping Dept. to record exact location of parts until shipped.

Accounting Manager . FINIS


First Article Inspection Inspection of a specific number of sample parts required by a customer to verify geometric and/or procedural features of a new product. First Article Inspections require a formal customer approval process before full scale production can begin. QA Manager 40 years QARTI


Flight Safety Requirements All measurement and test equipment used to inspect Flight Safety Parts is discriminate to within ten percent (10%) of the total tolerance spread for the feature being inspected. For total tolerance spreads of less than .001 inch, measurement equipment is discriminate to twenty percent (20%) of the spread. Equipment less discriminate is used with the specific approval of the customer. QA Manager .40 years CALIB

Form Master File

Master Forms Copies are kept on the server

Accounting Manager . FORMS
Furnace Temperature Log Daily report of temperatures of each operating furnace. Stored in Maintenance Foreman's files chronologically. Special Products Coordinator 1 year FTEMP

Gage Control System (including gage status record) <on computer>

Database of all gages, including current status and recalibration dates. Maintained on network by Calibrations Clerk.

Calibrations Clerk 40 years GAGES
Gage Post-it A self-stamping label the Calibrations Clerk places on the master forging drawing of any die with a gage in the Gage Control System so the gage will be checked if the drawing is changed. Calibrations Clerk 10 years GAGES

Gage Wear Record

Record of Machining Division's calibration of gages including tested dimensions and status. Maintained by Calibration Clerk.

Calibrations Clerk 5 years GAGES
Gas Furnace Operation Procedures Documents that explain startup and shutdown Procedures of gas furnaces 306,307,310,311 and 315. Maintenance Engineer . .
Grinding Verification Log Form used stating a visual inspection was done on work in process. QC Supervisor 10 Jobs, 3 years minimum POSQC


Form filled out by Hammerman to show hours and down time codes for each job run on a hammer during a day. Data entered in computer. Stored in file boxes in front office for 1 year, then destroyed.

VP-Manufacturing 1 year FORGE


Hammer Scrap Log Form filled out by the Hammerman for scrap count and causes . Counts are scanned into M2M by the Hammerman. Hammer Scrap Logs are forwarded to the Materials Clerk who enters scrap causes into M2M. VP-Manufacturing online CDCHG


Hardness Calibration

Calibration of Brinell and Rockwell testers. Results recorded in Gage Manager.

Calibrations Clerk . HARDT


Hardness Tester Daily Verification LogSpreadsheet used to ensure Hardness Testers meet the daily requirements of ASTM E10 and ASTM E18Metallurgist40 yearsHARDT

Heat Code Info <in M2M program on the computer>

Computer database system (M2M) of chemistry and testing history of each heat code. Data used throughout the system.

VP-Sourcing 10 Jobs, 3 years minimum. RECRM


Heat Treat Chart Form used to record Internal Heat Treat furnace time and temperatures. VP-Manufacturing 10 years TREAT

IDEAS Suggestion

Document controlling the processing of a team member's suggestion through the IDEAS program (previously called "$uggest-a-$hare"). Stored in IDEAS Clerk's files chronologically by initiation.

HR Manager 10 years IDEAS
InfoSys Database Microsoft access database that is used to record installation and support information for each software program installed on Trinity Forge's personal computers. Information Systems Manager . SYSTM
Inspection Sampling Sheet Sampling table for normal inspection giving lot or batch size, general inspection levels with acceptable quality levels. i.e. General Inspection Level l with acceptable quality level 2.5 using a sample size code letter to determine the sample size based on the number of parts forged. A copy of the Inspection Sampling Sheet is distributed to personnel performing inspections. QC Supervisor . POSQC


Internal Audit Report

Report of findings of Internal Quality Audit Committee produced for each internal audit. Now stored electronically.

Audit Manager 5 years IAUDT
Internal Cast Status

Email template used by Engineering Assistant to send die impression approval/disapproval status to Materials/Scheduling Supervisor and all other pertinent parties.

Engineering Assistant 1 year CASTS
Internal Process Review (IPR) Form Form used for die/tooling reviews. QC Supervisor . PROQC

Internal Quality Audit Schedule

Annual auditing plan maintained by Audit Manager. Saved in Audit Manager's files (on computer)

Audit Manager 10 years IAUDT
Internal Specification Documents identifying internal specification requirements as deemed necessary by VP-Quality & Engineering VP-Quality & Engineering . ISPEC

Inventory Adjustment Ticket

Form used to facilitate the use of raw material inventory to use for non-production purposes, i.e., tooling, maintenance, etc.

Steelyard Supervisor 1 year MNTRM
Inventory <M2M> Consist of Item Master, On-Hand by location, Material Availability, Inventory Movement, Valuation, Performance, Cycle Counting, and Physical Inventory. Production Scheduler . FINIS

Invoices and Related Paperwork

Invoice, export papers, etc. sent to customer subsequent to shipment. Copies saved in Customer PO file.

A/R Clerk 20 years AFTSH
ISPEC-CALIBIn-house calibration techniques and instruction.Quality AssuranceCALIB
Item Master (in M2M computer program)

<Replacing TPS>

The M2M computer program used for translating customer specifications into Trinity specifications. VP-Sourcing and/or VP-Quality & Engineering On computer .
Item Master Checklist Computer program used for the set-up of new part numbers and specification and the review of revised parts numbers and specification VP-Quality & Engineering On Computer .

Job Analysis

Job cost report from previous system. Replaced by Profitability Spreadsheet.

. . .

Job Optimization on computer

Program to pull in Jobs info, allow a Production Foreman to enter variables, and to determine best choice of available process variables for a job.

Production Scheduler . JSTRT
Job Order
M2M document issued to initiate work, track cost and maintain traceability. Production Scheduler On computer



Jobs Info on computer;

<now M2M computer program>

The primary central computer database system for tracking orders. Directly linked with Inventory system. Data from this database is used throughout the computerized systems. Production Scheduler 30 years AFTSH



Lab Test Reports A report prepared by an independent lab for Mechanical Properties: including toughness, strength or stiffness, i.e. Tensile Test. Chemical Properties: chemical composition of elements of a solid structure of material, i.e. Chemical Analysis; Physical Properties: properties to define density and thermal behavior of material, i.e. Microstructure Examination. The information is scanned and stored in a computer data program. QA Manager 30 years OTEST



Last Part Inspection

Report prepared regarding the dimensions of a part made toward the end of a forging run. Typically done on same inspection sheet as first part inspection, etc. Scanned into QC computer data files.

QC Supervisor On computer
M2M (on computer) Program for all procedures from start to finish. This includes sales, quoting, purchasing, production, machining, inspection, outside work performed, engineering information, and shipping. Production Supervisor On computer MOPPP





Machine Utilization Report (previously Machine Downtime Report) Report maintained in computer to record downtime, tooling, and fixture problems at Machining Department. Stored in computer for future reference. Machining Department Manager . MOPPP


Machining Procedure Specification (MPS)

(In part Production Floor Traveler in M2M)

Computer generated packet containing specific job information for a particular machining job. Packet contains MPS Cover Sheet, Operations Orders, Inspection Orders, Inspection Records and Operation Pick Lists. MPS "travels" with machining job throughout all process. Ultimately filed in Customer PO file.

Machining Department Manager 30 years








Machining Schedule Set of computerized documents maintained to control which machining operation is to be produced on each piece of Machining Department equipment. Not archived. Machining Department Manager . MORDR


Magnetic Particle Certification The certified results of the magnetic particle examination of forgings with the pertinent information required by the customer. Original filed in customer’s purchase order file. Traceability copy kept in QA Manager’s file. QA Manager 40 years MFLUX

Magnetic Particle Inspection Log

A record of the date, job number, heat code, part name, quantity examined by magnetic particle inspection, and the results. Filed by the magnetic particle inspection machine. Post Forge Supervisor 40 years MFLUX


Maintenance Work Orders Document detailing what needs to be done and what has been done for each maintenance project of more than a few minutes duration. Discarded after info entered into AMMS. VP-Manufacturing 5 years BRKDN
Management Review Packet Gathering of documents for review by Management Review Committee including CARS and PARS, Audit Results, etc. Packet is attached to Management Review Committee Report Audit Manager 3 Years MREVU
Management Review Committee Report

Formal report of Management Review Committee as presented to President. Paper copy maintained as a record in Management Review File.

President 5 Years MREVU

Manager's/Supervisor's Report

Statement taken from Manager or Supervisor regarding employee injury. Filed in employee's injury file.

HR Manager 6 years ACDNT
Material Availability Report This provides a time-phased item availability report. The demand date is compared to the scheduled receipt date (supply date). The material available quantity will become negative if the demand date precedes the supply date. The report has an option which can be used to select a lookup to look only through a certain date. Buyer online DOCUM
Material Grade Report A document, stored on the PC server, which includes distribution. (DOC.xls) VP-Sourcing and/or QA Assistant . DOCUM
Material Inventory Report and Cycle Count Form A physical count of all materials in the Machine Department Metallurgist
Material Reference ListSpreadsheet used to set standard forging temperatures and forgeability index used on the shop floor.FTEMP
Measuring Instrument Verification Log Log used by QC Dept. to log date and time of calibration of measuring instruments. Used to determine latest base date when an instrument is out of calibration. Calibrations Clerk 1 year minimum CALIB

Mill Test Report

<now stored on computer database under Mill Certs>

Chemical analysis provided by raw material suppliers and the basis for Heat Code info. Copies sometimes provided to customers with certifications. Stored in Materials Manager files by heat code. <now stored on computer>

VP-Sourcing and/or QA Assistant 40 years RECRM
Mil-Std-105E Sampling table for normal inspection giving lot or batch size, general inspection levels with acceptable quality levels. i.e. AQL Inspection Sampling Sheet QA Manager

VP-Quality & Engineering

Model Status Record <on computer> <obsolete> Database of all tracing models, including current status and location. Maintained on network by Engineering Assistant. Engineering Assistant . .
Morning Operations Meeting Agenda Shared electronics spreadsheet (included with OpPlans) that contains each topic currently being followed in the Morning Operations Meeting, briefly showing progress to date as well as the who-and-when of the next progress report. VP-Sourcing 1 year MEETG
New Die Checklist Form prepared to document and ensure completion of all steps taken by customer service & Engineering to complete a new die project QA Manager 20 years NEWDI
NOCON File Folder File folder in QC Manager's office used to place Production Floor Traveler when pulled from circulation to prevent non-conforming parts being shipped. QC Supervisor . NOCON
Obsolete File File (OBDLST) where any specification, document, form or record is kept when it has been made obsolete.( i.e. Customer Specification Obsolete File) Any Manager . .
On The Job Training Form Form used by the Training Coordinator to record task learned testing, and other training needed. Filed in employee's file. Training Coordinator Lifetime of employment plus 10 years TRECS
Operation Order Document included with MPS containing specific instructions for each operation on a machining job. Machining Department Manager . MOPPP


Operation Pick List Document included with MPS assigning specific tools and fixtures for each operation on a machining job. Machining Department Crib Attendant . MORDR
Op Plans (Operations Plans) Detailed action items for developing the company, including Quality Objectives. Maintained in an Excel spreadsheet. Paper copy maintained as a record in Management Review File. VP-Quality & Engineering 5 Years MREVU

Other Raw Material Inventory System <on computer>

Computer database system for other raw material inventories. These are currently entered in different types of computer systems (also spreadsheets) which will eventually be combined into a single type in M2M Machining Department Crib Attendant and Material Handler . RECOM
Out-of-Calibration Report Document to control the review and re-inspection of products checked with instruments later found to be inaccurate. QC Supervisor 40 years RECHK

Part Certs <on computer>

Program used to store test results preformed by the laboratory; (i.e. Chemical Analysis, Tensile Test and Charpy Impact Test)

QA Manager 40 years OTEST

Packing Slip


Shipping document similar to invoice sent to customer with shipment. No copy maintained, but copy of invoice maintained in Customer PO file.

Shipping Lead Man . FINIS

Part Inspection Sheet

(including first part and last part inspections) Also maintained in SPC program

Form completed for first-part inspections, last- part inspections, etc. Scanned into QC computer files.

QC Supervisor 10 DSNs, 40 years minimum PREQC



Personnel File

Folder kept for each team member with general employment records. Maintained in clerical area in alphabetical sequence.

HR Manager Lifetime employment plus 10 years TRECS
Personnel Qualification and Certification form Documented requirements for qualifications of NDT candidates QA Manager . .
Pick List Form issued to communicate the need for materials and allow the issue of these materials. Form specifying what die material is to be cut in what dimensions for a die. Filed with closed Job Orders. Die Shop Supervisor 1 year DSCON
Post Forge Scrap Log Form filled out by Postforge and QC personnel for scrap count and causes. Ultimately scanned into M2M. Post Forge Supervisor and Forge QC Supervisor . SCRAP
Potential Recall Memo Form used to convey the description of a potential problem giving the details as to who, what, where, when and how. The form is generated by the QA Manager and sent to upper management informing them of what might be involved in a potential recall of parts from a customer. The final disposition is also included. QA Manager 10 years RCALL

Precision Instrument Manufacturer Info File

Folder maintained by Metrologist with suppliers' instructions on how to calibrate precision measuring equipment. Maintained until equipment is scrapped.

Calibrations Clerk . CALIB
Preventive Action Report (PAR) E-mailed based document for addressing improvement opportunities (Preventive Action Reports: PARs), handled similarly to Corrective Action Reports (CARs). Located in CAR Control File. VP-Sourcing 5 years CARRR
Preventive Maintenance Work Order Log (on computer) Ongoing log of PM Work Orders Issued. Maintained in Work Order History file. Warehouse Administrator . PREVM
Preventive Maintenance (PM) Work Order

Hard copy form printed from AMMS to coordinate preventive maintenance work. Details what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Ultimately information printed on form re-entered into AMMS with hard copy discarded.

Warehouse Administrator 5 years within AMMS, hard copy not retained. PREVM
Price List An excel program used to help determine customer's part price. Customer Sales Representative ORDER
Print Follow-up File <on computer> Personal computer database maintained by Engineering Assistant for follow-up of prints sent to customers for approval. Engineering Assistant . PRINT
Print Review Spreadsheet Passed between Sales and Engineering whenever a customer cites a print revision other than that shown in Dies info as current. Engineering Assistant 20 years ORDER
Production Floor Traveler (Traveler) <M2M>

(Traveler for all practical purposes)

(Traveler has taken the place of the Next Job ticket and/or Cutting Ticket )

(Traveler for After Run Die Procedures has taken the place of heat code slip)

(Traveler for Post Production) <M2M>

This procedure covers the steps of parts being forged in the Forging Dept. Computer generated packet containing specific job information for a particular job. "Travels" with job throughout the forging process for forged parts , through the inspection process and any outside processing by approved vendors. This procedure covers the steps of parts being machined in the Machine Department. Computer generated packet containing specific job information for a particular job. "Travels" with the job throughout the machining process and through the inspection process. A copy is filed in the Customer PO File. VP-Manufacturing

Machining Department Manager

6 Months

20 years









Production Scheduling Program <on computer>

(formerly Production Scheduling Board)

Personal computer database maintained by Production Control Scheduler laying out what job is to run on what piece of equipment. Used as basis for Production Schedule.

Production Scheduler . ORDER


Profitability Spreadsheet Complex Excel spreadsheet to report on job costing of orders run and shipped over a time period, typically weekly. Master copy is "Profitability MASTER.xlsx", with copies stored on-line as "Profitability yyyy-mm-dd thru yyyy-mm-dd.xlsx". Controller 5 years JCOST
Purchase Order (customer) Order placed by the customer for goods and/or supplies forged and/or machined by Trinity. Buyer . .
Purchase Order (PO)for outside or sub-contract services Program in <M2M> (formerly Work Order) Purchasing document issued for heat treat, machining, welding, plating or lab work. Production Scheduler . SUBCO

Purchase Order (PO)for die steel or raw materials Program in <M2M>

Raw material purchasing document sent to supplier. Copy stored in Buyer's file by Vendor.

Buyer and Engineering Assistant 5 years PURCH


Purchase Order Info <on computer>M2M

Database on central computer of orders placed for raw material. Data used by multiple computerized systems.

Buyer 30 years PURCH


Purchasing Queue <on computer> M2M under Reports -Purchasing Queue - On Hand by Location Report to check for having an adequate supply of material that meets the specifications of the orders unclaimed in the steelyard or already on order Buyer . PURCH


Purchase Order Supplemental Requirements Covers requirements placed on suppliers for purchased material, goods, or other services. All subcontractors and raw material suppliers to Trinity Forge must meet the requirements. Buyer . PURCH


QC Inspection Folder A commercially bought blue plastic folder used to hold production and inspection records on the shop floor. QA Manager PREQC

QC of the Magnetic Particle Inspection System

The record of the results found during the checking of certain quality control items involving the magnetic particle inspection equipment. Filed in QC on line file. QA Manager 10 years MFLUX
QC Print Contains dimensional information for each job to be inspected with location of each dimension and tolerances. The print is stored in the computer and can be viewed and/or printed when needed. VP-Quality & Engineering .40 years PRINT
Quality Control Records Part Inspection Sheet, Inspection Remarks Sheet , Mag Particle Inspection Sheet (when req’d), Cold Coin Inspection Sheet and Final Inspection Report scanned into online program QC Supervisor On computer
40 years


Quality Plan A formal checksheet of all quality related functions that apply to a specific part number. Some examples are internal process requirements, measurement plan (includes inspection criteria, print review, inspection tool specifics, and production review), testing requirements, specific vendor requirements, gauging requirements, and certification requirements. This checksheet will be scanned into an online directory. QA Manager Last 10 jobs or 3 years QARTI
Quality Survey Document used to evaluate potential supplier for addition to approved suppliers list. Filed in the Supplier Approval Files QA Manager .40 years SAPVL
Quote Spreadsheet Spreadsheet containing directions of what documents there are and how to find them, with a hyperlink e-mailed to each person whose contribution is required in the quoting exercise. Estimator . QUOTE
Quote Log Excel spreadsheet maintained on shared drive to capture Quote Data; due dates for each team member involved in the quoting exercise, Estimator . QUOTE

Quote Packet

Traveling documents involved in the quotation process for a die. Filed in customer file.

Estimator 3 years QUOTE

Raw Material Nonconformance Report (RMNR)

Forms produced when a nonconformance is found in raw material. Stored in Materials Manager's files by supplier.

VP-Sourcing and Buyer 40 years RMNON

Raw Material Receiving Inspection

Stamped on the receiver for each delivery, this lists all steps to inspecting for acceptance; attached to invoice. Steelyard Supervisor 40 Years RECRM
Request for Die Change A document, stored on the PC server, which describes a customer's requirements for a new die or die change of an existing die. VP-Quality & Engineering 20 years DCORD

Reference Specifications Library

Collection of reference standards and specifications used throughout the company. Customer specifications are on line for viewing in the Specification Directory. Regularly used standard specifications are added to the on line Specification Directory, all others are in binders in the QA Office. (Library-any place deemed appropriate to store or gather specifications).

QA Manager . SPECS

Rejection Notice

Form used by QC when buying off parts that need Rework/Customer waiver/etc.

QA Manager 3 years POSQC

Request for Tooling Work Order

(Formerly Die/Tooling Repair Order) <obsolete> now Work Order

Form to report changes needed to forge dies or other tooling for internal work orders. Routed to Die Shop Leadman.

VP-Manufacturing . DSHOP

Resource Request Form

Form to process managerial requests for capital, human resource, or miscellaneous resources. Filed in CFO's files in chronological order.

Accounting Manager 10 year RSRCE
R&A Spreadsheet

(Obsolete) see Customer Service Request

Excel spreadsheet used to track returned parts, reasons for returns, and analysis of final disposition QA Manager 10 years .
Router Detailed instructions used for each step in running a job from beginning to completion, (production, machining, inspection, outside work performed, and shipping.) VP-Quality & Engineering . JSTRT



Safety Meeting Agenda List of topics and materials to be used at upcoming Weekly Safety Meetings distributed by HR Manager to all manufacturing supervisors. Copy retained by HR Manager HR Manager 3 years MEETG
Sales Order Electronic information entered in M2M of an order placed by the customer for goods and/or supplies forged, machined, or fabricated by Trinity Forge. Business Development Manager 3 years ORDER
Scan Report
Report that shows the scanning and comparison between die/tooling and original models. Engineering Assistant On computer
Schedule for TOPs Champion TOPs Review Schedule maintained on QA Assistant's computer for TOPs Champions to review their TOPs. QA Assistant . TOPSM

Scrap Report/Scrap Log

<Maintained in M2M>

Report prepared for each job showing how many parts were scrapped and the cause. Data from the Scrap Report is put in Quality, Production Inspection in M2M.

QA Assistant






Shift Change Memo/E-mail Forging Division

Form or e-mail used to convey information from one shift to the next that might be pertinent in the company's operation. Stored as needed with recipient's records. Shift Supervisor . SHIFT


Shift Change Memo/E-mail Machining Department

Computer generated form used to convey information from one shift to the next that might be pertinent in the company's operation. Not retained. Shift Supervisor . SHIFT
Shipped in Die Inspection checklistDocument used to record the condition and usability of customer dies and related tooling that have been shpped to Trinity from a customer or customer's vendor.VP-Engineering & Quality10 YearsNEWDI
Shipping List

(Replaces Packing List)

Shipping document similar to invoice sent to customer with shipment. No copy maintained, but copy of invoice maintained in Customer PO file. Traffic Supervisor

Shipping Memo

Form detailing what is to be shipped, including packaging and transportation information, as well as weights and counts by container. Stored in Accounts Receivable Clerk’s file.

Traffic Supervisor 20 Years FINIS
Shop Schedule In the shared drive as s:\schedule/shopscheduleall consisting of a list of all jobs and work centers. . . .
SOsOnOrder.xls Spreadsheet for made to order sales orders found in the shared file. Production Scheduler and person in charge of customer service .
Specification Library (on line) Directory for storing on line all Customer Specifications and regularly used standard specifications. QA Manager . SPECS
Spec Check Worksheet Document used to double check accuracy of contract review. QA Manager 3 years ORDER
Spec ID The system for translating customer specifications into Trinity specifications. This data is used throughout M2M. VP-Engineering & Quality . TPSMM
Specification Review Spreadsheet

Specification Revision Review Slip SRRS old

Electronic spreadsheet used by Sales, QA & Engineering team members whenever a customer cites a specification revision. Stored on line. Engineering Assistant monitors the Specification Review Spreadsheet daily, sends out the automated report on Tuesday and Friday as a minimum.

VP- Engineering & Quality 40 years TPSMM



SPC Data Format

(SPC Program)

Computer generated system for collecting and recording inspection data during forging and machining process. QA Manager . MOPQC
SPC Program

Program used by QC for dimensional data collection of parts being forged. Includes the inspector, heat code, forging temperature, cold coining, hardness testing, the shift parts are made, the hammer used to forge parts, first and last part inspection, time intervals for data collection, gage, magnaflux, and Post Production Final Inspection, etc. QA Manager . PREQC

















Stakeholder Notification Registry Electronic spreadsheet listing notifications required when there are fundamental changes regarding Trinity Forge. QA Manager POLCY
Strategic Plan, Corporate Formal report generated by the President which sets overall corporate goals. Paper copy maintained as a record in Management Review File. President 5 Years MREVU
Steel Info <on computer> The central computer database system for raw material. Data from this database is used throughout the computerized systems. Steelyard Lead Man 30 years CUTIT



Steelyard Scrap Log Form filled out by the Steelyard Workers for scrap count and scanned into M2M. The Steelyard Scrap Log is forwarded to the Materials Clerk for scrap causes to be entered in M2M. Steelyard Supervisor . SCRAP
Steel Stickers Stickers placed on the bundle tags with the lot number, size, grade, heat code, weight, and vendor. Steelyard Supervisor . RECRM
Steelyard Cycle Count Schedule Calendar containing schedule of steelyard bins and corresponding cycle count due dates (S:\ACCTNG\INVENTORY COUNTS\SteelyardCycleCount.xls) Controller 3 years CYCLE
Steelyard Cycle Count Form Blank form used to record Steelyard cycle count information. Included in the (S:\ACCTNG\INVENTORY COUNTS\SteelyardCycleCount.xls) Controller 3 years CYCLE
Steelyard Daily Scale Checklist Form used to record daily the scale weights for the box/crane. Steelyard Supervisor 1 month RECRM
Steelyard Inventory Report Excel spreadsheet report, links to M2M. Contains steelyard info by Bundle ID & Bin; included in (S:\ACCTNG\INVENTORY COUNTS\SteelyardCycleCount.xls) Controller 3 years CYCLE
Steelyard Clipboard Clipboard that holds the "Traveler and/or BOM" in the Steelyard office to hold heat code and heat code changes for jobs waiting to be run. Steelyard Supervisor . CUTIT
Steelyard Cutting Sheet Form used by the steelyard to log the cutting of raw material. Travels with Billet Traveler Steelyard Supervisor 2 years CUTIT
Steelyard Traveler

(Traveler in M2M has taken the place of the Next Job ticket and/or Cutting Ticket )

Form specifying what raw material is to be cut in what quantities and to what dimensions for a job. Steelyard Supervisor 2 years CUTIT



Stocking Program in <M2M>

(was Consignment Purchase Order)

Document used to order items for the tool crib from vendor following routine purchasing procedures Machining Department Manager 30 years MCRIB
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan The formal SWPPP and all related records, logs, and training records, retained with Environmental file. HR Manager acting as Environmental Coordinator 10 years ENVIR
Supplier Approval File (supplier folder)

File maintained by QA Manager with details of supplier evaluation and approval. In supplier/chronological sequence.

QA Manager 10 years SAPVL
Supplier Info <on computer> The central computer database system for suppliers and subcontractors. The supplier notes section includes supplier evaluation and re-evaluation information. Data from this database is used throughout the computerized systems. QA Manager 20 years SAPVL
Synchronizer Gantt Chart Shop Schedule in M2M. Production Scheduler . .
Tax Exempt Certificate

Certificate for the purchase of tangible personal property or taxable services for resale or for use in performing taxable services where such property becomes a component part of the property upon which the services are performed and will be actually transferred to the purchaser. WV Code § 11-15-9(a)(9)

An Exemption Certificate may be used only to claim exemption from tax upon a purchase of tangible personal property or services which will be used for an exempt purpose.

A purchaser may file a blanket Exemption Certificate with the vendor to cover additional purchases of the same general type of property or service. However, each subsequent sales slip or purchase invoice evidencing a transaction covered by a blanket Exemption Certificate must show the purchaser’s name, address and Business Registration Certificate Number for purposes of certification.

Controller . NEWDI

Tags and Labels

Various types of metal and paper tags and stick-on labels are used throughout forging and/or machining process. Green tags for "Ready to Ship", yellow tags for "MPI Test" and red tags for "Rework".

Steelyard Lead Man, QC Supervisor, Post Forge Leadman, Machining Department Supervisor . Used throughout
Team Member Training File Folder for each team member showing individual's training or plans. Used in conjunction with training modules and training attendance sheets. Filed in Personnel office Training files in alphabetical order. Training Coordinator Lifetime of employment plus 10 years TRECS
Technique Sheet Instructions on how to perform magnetic particle inspection for a specific part. The Technique Sheet is kept on the server (S:\POST FORGE\Technique Sheet .xls) Post Forge Supervisor . MFLUX
3D Die Design Checksheet Form used to show Engineering die design intent and then approval of same for 3D die designs. Stored in Engineering files. VP-Quality & Engineering 10 years CASTS



Time Cards/Sheet Cards/Sheet filled out for non-exempt team members to record the hours worked daily/per week. Reconciled at the end of each pay period by Supervisors and submitted to Payroll Clerk. Stored in Accounting. Payroll Clerk 5 years .
TFQM Archive Paper copy of Trinity Forge Quality Manual, with CD-ROM of contemporaneous TOPs system, retained for archive purposes in Controller's file safe (file initiated 11/01/2006) QA Manager 20 years TFQMM
TFQM Update Notification List List maintained in Audit Manager's personal email directory of customers needing notification of Quality Manual changes.” Audit Manager . TFQMM
TFQM Release File Release and distribution information regarding Trinity Forge Quality Manual. Maintained in Audit Manager's email file.. Audit Manager 10 years TFQMM


TFTP Release File Release and distribution information regarding Trinity Forge Team Positions. Maintained in Computer. Training Coordinator 10 years TFQMM


Tooling Cutting Ticket

Document detailing what needs to be done and what has been done for die preparation. Filed in Engineering files.

Engineer 10 years DSCON
Tooling Info <on computer> The primary central computer database system for tracking the materials needed for the forging process. Data from this database is used throughout the computerized systems. Engineering Assistant . FTEMP
Tooling Job Order <on computer> Purchasing document issued for dies or other tooling and for other die related accessories. Located in the Tooling program. Die Shop Supervisor

Tool Crib Inventory Report Form used to record physical inventory counts. Accounting Manager . MCRIB
Top-Down Audit Checklist A checklist used to provide the basis an annual top-down audit encompassing all of the standards our quality manual addresses: ISO-9000, AS9100, 10DCRF21, NCA-3800 and NQA-1. QA  Manager 5 Years IAUDT

TOP Release File

Release and distribution information regarding Trinity Operating Procedures. Maintained on computer.

Tops Clerk 5 Years TOPSM


TOP Violation Notification Form

Form used to record an employee's violation of specific TOP procedures. Filed in employees personnel file.

HR Manager Lifetime employment plus 10 years ENFRC

Training Record

Records of each person who has received each unit of instruction in the training program. Copy stored chronologically in Team Member Training File for each trainee. Contains information for how training was later deemed "effective"

Training Coordinator Lifetime employment plus 10 years TRECS
Training Requirement Checklist Form used by the Training Coordinator to record employee name, number, team position and modules completed with completion dates. Training Coordinator Lifetime employment plus 10 years TRECS
Traveler for After Run Die Procedures

(Traveler in M2M has taken the place of heat code slip)

This procedure covers the steps followed with the dies and other tooling after a forging job is complete. Die Shop Supervisor . AFTFG
Trinity Forge General Hardness Chart Chart with lot size, sample size, defects accepted and defects rejected. QA Manager . TREAT
Trinity Forge Environmental Management System Manual Highest level document of Trinity Forge Environmental Management System. Has formal control procedures. Maintained on the Internet at Environmental Coordinator 10 Years TFEMS

Trinity Forge Quality Manual (TFQM)

Highest level document of Trinity Forge Quality System. Has formal control procedures. Maintained on the Internet at

QA Manager 10 years TFQMM
Trinity Forge Team Positions (TFTPs) Documents detailing the responsibilities and requirements of each position on the Trinity Forge team. Has formal control procedures. TFTPs are available on-line. Training Coordinator 10 years TFTPM


Trinity Forge Training Modules (TFTMs) <on computer>

Documents detailing each "course of study" in the training program. Has formal control procedures. TFTMs are available on-line. Masters are kept in personal computer files. Training Coordinator 10 Years TFTMM


Trinity Operating Procedures (TOPs)

Hypertext manual of written procedures covering the various aspects of Trinity Forge's operation (this document). Has formal control procedures. Indexed with appendices to help locate specific TOPs

VP-Quality & Engineering 10 Years TOPSM

Trinity Procedure Specifications (TPS) <on computer> <Replaced by M2M>

The primary central computer database system for translating customer specifications into Trinity specifications. Data from this database is used throughout the computerized systems. VP-Quality & Engineering On computer TPSMM
Vendor Rating Form Form printed with Approved Vendor List used to rate the quality of vendors. QA Assistant . DOCUM
Viewer File File that has been created with the Imaging System in order to view prints VP-Quality & Engineering 20 Years PRINT

Viewer Approved Folder Folder where the approved cad/cam file image resides prior to placement in the viewer database. VP-Quality & Engineering . PRINT

Viewer Unapproved Folder
Folder where the unapproved cad/cam file image resides, while awaiting approval (usually from the customer) prior to placement in the Viewer Approved Folder. VP-Quality & Engineering . PRINT

Weld Log

<Assembly Log>

Process Log used to record heat codes, serial numbers, welding material, and customer specification also used to acknowledge parts have been inspected and recorded. A copy is retained in customer file with certifications. Machining Department Manager 20 years MORDR


Witness Statement

Statement taken from an employee who witnessed an on-the-job accident by a co-worker.

HR Manager 6 years ACDNT
Work Order Info on computer now "M2M" The central computer database system for subcontractor work orders. Part of the Inventory/Order entry system. Data from this database is used throughout the computerized systems. Production Scheduler . SUBCO
Vendor Service Request(VSR)

<M2M computer program>
Used to record the initial inquiry you make to a vendor regarding a problem, and any actions you or the vendor (Also the supplier) takes to resolve the problem. Materials Manager On computer - Per backup disk storage requirements RMNON

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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