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TOP-FINIS: Control & Shipment of Finished Product


SCOPE: This procedure covers the control and shipping of parts after all processing steps have been completed and the parts are ready to ship.

1 Shipping Clerk Daily Shipping queue (M2M) Using shipping queue, watch due dates and status of all jobs getting close to ship date. Due dates and job status observed
2 Shipping Helper  Upon receiving completed Traveler Container tags; shipping queue(M2M); Traveler; copy of forging or QC print; Daily Scale Checklist

Verify that inspector(s) have stamped all steps on the Traveler and the inspection label; make Shipping Memo; refer to TOP-BLAST and choose container size appropriate for amount of goods to be shipped; if parts have been machined, mark all boxes with a green M (ex. returned parts from an outside vendor); ensure that parts containers are properly tagged; use copy of print to identify parts; if required by Shipping Memo, transfer parts* to special or customer- supplied shipping container; when removing parts from inventory, do an inventory transfer (M2M) to move parts to the designated area; take parts to the appropriate area; when removing parts from the racks spray paint over the piece count and gross weight; (only Shipping can remove parts from the racks); Inspector's label MUST be attached to container identifying inspector responsible for product that went inside a specific container - see TOP-QCTRL); stamp Shipping Memo and return Traveler to QC daily; check scale and fill out Daily Scale Checklist (have scale repaired if needed before weigh-counting); weigh-count parts, (weigh-count tolerance is + or - 1/2%); after inspection or re-work is completed re-weigh each container placing the correct information on the container; to verification that parts are correct, move parts to warehouse or, if to be shipped immediately, to loading area; give Shipping Memo back to Shipping Clerk; the memo must reflect changes when parts have been added to or taken out of a container; transfer parts back into the finished goods inventory; for stock orders, or as specified by customer, line containers with plastic bags; fill container with parts, then add packet of desiccant; close container; at this stage, if a sample box is made only QC personnel may remove items from the sample box; put the parts back in the designated bin on the racks.

Finished goods stored in marked containers; precautions taken to prevent rust; Daily Scale Checklist initiated
3 QC Inspector After all processing and test steps are complete Traveler; copy of forging print; QC Supervisor's instructions Verify that all steps have been successfully completed on the Traveler; perform AQL dimensional visual sampling per TOP-POSQC; place green dot on container with employee stamp; any non-conforming part will be dispositioned per TOP-NOCON; approve for shipment by stamping off on Traveler with employee stamp; place in packet and put in out box in the Shipping office. Steps verified are completed on Traveler; other sampling done, if required; Traveler stamped off; part approved to ship.
4 Post Forge Helper After all processing and testing steps are complete Traveler; copy of forging print (or QC print if available) Verify that all processes and testing are completed per the Traveler; approve for shipment by stamping "approved to ship" and forward along with forging or QC print to Shipping Clerk. Parts ready to ship; approved Traveler and forging print or QC print to Shipping Clerk
5 Shipping Clerk Upon receiving Traveler and copy of print Shipping queue (M2M); Jobs Info; Traveler; copy of forging or QC print; Shipping Memo Verify that all prior steps from Traveler have been completed; if job is due, set up and stamp for shipment. Parts placed into inventory; set up, if due to ship
6 Shipping Clerk Upon receiving completed Shipping Memo back Shipping Memo; Jobs Info; blue print Verify count from all outside vendors; any discrepancies notify Post Forge Supervisor; enter parts shipped on Final Rejection Report; enter weights & counts into computer; dispose of Traveler. Updated Jobs Info; tagged containers; Traveler back to QC Supervisor; Production Scheduler involved if heat code questions
7 Shipping Leadman At least once every 3 months Inventory in M2M Check racks for stored machined parts; if the box date is 3 months or older, open and check parts for damage and deterioration; if parts are in good shape, stamp boxes with review stamp inspection id and the date; if damage is found on any machined parts, notify and return parts to Machining Division Leadman immediately; if parts are sent to Machining Division, stamp boxes with review stamp, inspection id, and the date upon their return. Machined parts monitored in warehouse


8 Machining Department Leadman Upon notification from Shipping Leadman Rusty or deteriorated machined parts Inspect parts to assess damages; remove rust by whatever means necessary; inspect to verify parts are still in tolerance with specifications; re-dip in rust-preventative; repack and return to Shipping Dept. Damaged machined parts repaired and returned to Shipping
9 Shipping Leadman or Shipping Helper Parts are ready to ship from warehouse; Jobs Info Shipping queue (M2M); shipping tags; Shipping Memo If partial shipment, make 2 Shipping  memos (both on paper and on the computer); *check at least 10% of the parts (or a minimum of one container, whichever is greater) for damage and deterioration; re-clean the parts if necessary; recount and re-inspect, looking for mixed heat codes, part numbers or mixed parts; if indicated in Shipping Memo, transfer parts to special or customer-supplied containers and tag the new containers; move the parts to the loading area. Parts from warehouse inspected and moved to loading area


10 Shipping Clerk Parts ready to ship Shipping queue (M2M); Jobs Info; Shipping Memos; shipping tags Do "shipment setup" on computer; print packing list and certs (or get from QA Manager if "special certs" job); all certs must be reviewed by at least two people (normally this is done by the Shipping Clerk and the Shipping Leadman but may involve the QA Manager if so noted in Jobs Info); print shipping labels; put one copy of packing slip and certs in envelope to go in parts container; call truck line if needed or schedule Trinity Forge truck; verify quantities on Shipping Memo and sign certifications and Shipping Memos; if quantities match, ship product; if quantities do not match, find out what the discrepancy is and resolve; place in out box for shop. All paperwork prepared for job; job ready to ship; truck scheduled; process halted if parts not approved
11 Shipping Helper Parts ready to ship Certifications and Shipping List Stamp container in which the certifications are enclosed; all paperwork must be reviewed, checked, and stamped with employee stamp. Container with certifications labeled
12 Shipping Clerk After paperwork is ready and truck has been scheduled Shipping queue (M2M); Jobs Info; Shipping Memos; shipping tags; job paperwork Print two Bill of Lading for all jobs to be shipped; print customer address labels for containers. Containers labeled; Bill of Lading prepared; ready to load truck
13 Shipping Helper Upon notification by Shipping Clerk that parts are ready for shipment and truck is ready to load Bill of Lading; shipping envelope; labels; Shipping Memos Attach shipping labels to containers and apply your stamp to Shipping Memos; place envelope with certifications in one of the shipping containers in the shipment; load truck; when all is correct, stamp with employee stamp Trinity Forge's copy of the Bill of Lading; have a second Shipping worker review counts and paperwork per step 11 (NOTE: this is the last point at which Trinity Forge employees control the parts - failure to detect and report problems at this point would be considered to be a very serious violation of procedure on part of both team members); have driver sign Bill of Lading and give copy to driver (unless Trinity Forge's truck); except for truck lines; return paperwork to Shipping Clerk. Final verification; truck loaded; parts shipped with Bill of Lading and shipping envelope; copy of double-stamped Bill of Lading returned to Shipping Clerk
14 Shipping Helper (not same as in step 13) Upon notification by other Shipping Helper that truck is loaded Bill of Lading; shipping envelope; labels; certifications Verify that all counts and paperwork are correct (if not, notify your Supervisor); stamp Bill of Lading with employee stamp (NOTE: this is the last point at which Trinity Forge employees control the parts - failure to detect and report problems at this point would be considered to be a very serious violation of procedure on part of both team members). Double-stamped Bill of Lading
15 Anyone loading truck for delivery Before truck is loaded Bill of Lading; Shipping Memos; any other documentation provided If changes are made to any documents, the documents MUST be initialed by a supervisor OR reprinted with the corrections included and stamped with employee stamp. Correct documents accompany shipment
16 Trinity Forge's Truck Driver If parts are to go on Trinity Forge's truck; as given loads to deliver Bill of Lading; shipping envelope; labels Ensure that containers agree with Bill of Lading; deliver parts to address on Bill of Lading*; get customer to sign Bill of Lading; give shipping envelope and copy of Bill of Lading to customer; return signed Bill of Lading to Shipping Clerk. Delivered parts and paperwork; signed copies of Bill of Lading back to Shipping Clerk
17 Shipping Clerk  After shipping parts; after Sales Order is closed within the limit of allowable quantity tolerance on orders under 25 parts Bill of Lading; Shipping Memos; Sales Order; inventory on hand by location (M2M) Verify if remaining parts need testing; scrap any excess parts that exceed quantity tolerance; send one copy of Bill of Lading along with all Shipping Memos to Accounts Receivable Clerk; also notify Customer Service Representative, QA Manager and VP-Sourcing that excess parts will be scrapped and removed from inventory. Job complete; paperwork to Accounts Receivable Clerk for billing purposes; Customer Service Representative, QA Manager and  VP-Sourcing notified of scrapped parts removed from inventory
18 Accounts Receivable Clerk After billing is complete Bill of Lading; Shipping Memos File Bill of Lading and Shipping Memos in file cabinet. Shipping record maintained for future reference

* Machined products can be easily damaged in handling and can deteriorate in storage. Handle containers of machined parts with extreme care and only handle the parts directly under the supervision of a Machining Division Team Member. Report any suspected damage or deterioration to Machining Division Manager.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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