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SCOPE: This procedure covers IDEAS*, the team member suggestion program.

1 Any team member Whenever an idea arises that may help quality, safety, customer service, productivity, profitability, or morale Own thoughts Submit idea for with suggestion to Human Resource Manager directly, via any manager or supervisor, or via the outbox in the receptionist or crib attendant area (your name may be omitted for complaints) Suggestion submitted
2 Human Resource Manager Upon receiving IDEA form IDEA form Review IDEA; determine if IDEA has merit (with assistance from other managers or supervisors as needed); if IDEA has merit, enter IDEA into spreadsheet; blocking out name and employee number, scan IDEA into shared directory; forward scanned document via e-mail to manager, supervisor, or employee deemed appropriate, advising to determine if IDEA has merit, (if not already done) and what actions are planned to implement IDEA; if IDEA does not have merit, return IDEA to submitter with explanation of rejection -- please note do not process more than two IDEAs per day IDEA anonymously submitted for review and determination if has merit; bottleneck prevented
3 Manager, Supervisor, or employee who receives IDEA for review Upon receiving IDEA and notification via e-mail from Human Resource Manager IDEAs form; own knowledge; input from others as needed Review IDEA, obtaining additional or clarification as needed via Human Resource Manager; forward determination whether IDEA has merit and what steps to be taken next via e-mail to President, copying Human Resource Manager IDEA reviewed and determined if has merit; President notified, and Human Resource Manager notified okay to proceed with IDEAs award points and money
4 Human Resource Manager Upon notification from Manager, Supervisor or employee who reviewed IDEA Email Notification If notification indicates IDEA has merit, enter award points into IDEAs spreadsheet and, if applicable, notify Payroll Department of monetary award to employee. IDEAs points and dollars awarded to employee, after determined that IDEA has merit
5 President IDEAs Submitted Email Notification Review IDEA and recommendation from Manager, Supervisor or employee; obtain additional input or clarification as deemed necessary Second level of validation of IDEAs performed
6 President and Human Resource Manager As needed All open IDEAs Review all open IDEAs, reminding Managers, Supervisors, or employees of need for input if response becomes delinquent; agree on status report to be sent to submitter if deemed necessary No IDEAs lost; submitter advised of progress
7 Human Resource Manager Information obtained from meeting with President All open IDEAs Notify submitter of final disposition (implementation or otherwise) via e-mail if possible; close completed IDEAs Submitter provided with feedback and final disposition of IDEA

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