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TOP-IMPRV: The Review and Improvement Process


Trinity Forge’s "Review and Improvement" process consists of those activities involved in continually looking back on the results of the company’s efforts and setting into place the changes and goals needed to improve. Enforcement of company policy is also part of this process.

Feeding data into the Review and Improvement process are the Resource Management process (see TOP-RMGMT), the Product Development process (see TOP-PRDEV) and the Order Fulfillment process (see TOP-PRODN). Also important to the process is input from outside the company, most importantly feedback from customers. The output of Review and Improvement is manifested in the Policy Establishment process (see TOP-POLCY).

The activities comprising Review and Improvement occur in different cycles, so below they are classified by category rather than by sequence. The primary Trinity Operating Procedure (TOP) associated with each activity is shown. The premier activity of the Review and Improvement process is "Management Review and Goal Setting" (see TOP-MREVU) wherein, after intense top management review and consideration, the Corporate Operations Plan (including quality objectives) is developed.

1. Customer Feedback.

2. Analysis of Operational Data.

3. Policy Enforcement.

4. Continual Improvement.

5. Management Review and Goal Setting. See TOP-MREVU

For the complete list of all TOPs within the Review & Improvement Process, click here.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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