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TOP-MREVU: Management Review


SCOPE: This procedure covers the Management Review process by which the management of Trinity Forge periodically reviews the company's status, risks and opportunities, reevaluates it's strategy and quality system, and sets forth it's corporate and quality objectives.


When: Annually (typically in late fall into early winter), possibly with limited ad hoc reviews mid-year.

The VP-Quality & Engineering announces a time line for management review and appoints a management review committee composed of managers and key employees, typically not corporate officers. For an ad hoc review, the VP-Quality & Engineering also announces the scope of the review.

The Audit Manager gathers the data to provide the Management Review Metrics Packet. All data listed below are provided for the annual management review, but for an ad hoc review, the VP-Quality & Engineering may exclude any that are beyond the scope of that review.

  • Sections I to IV of the Quality Manual
  • Section III of the EMS Manual
  • Corporate Strategic Plan
  • VP-Quality & Engineering's Situation / Risk Analysis
  • Current OpPlans,with Progress to Date
  • Summary of CARs (including PARs)
  • Summary Results of Internal Audit Program
  • Internal Audit Schedule for Upcoming Year
  • Results of the External Audits
  • Summary Results Customer Surveys (with comparisons to previous years)
  • On-time Delivery Performance
  • Capacity Utilization Analysis by Work Center
  • Hammer and Machine Utilization and Downtime
  • Summary Report of Quality Process Metrics
  • Summary Report of Quoting Activity
  • Summary Report of Customer Complaints
  • Head Count of Division / Department
  • Summary of Employee IDEAS
  • Summary Report of the Safety Program
  • Summary Report of I-9 Audit
  • Results of the Training Program
  • Executive Summary of Environmental Management System (EMS) Annual Report
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
A copy of the packet thus produced ("Management Review Packet") is distributed to each of the members of the Management Review Committee, each corporate officer and any other manager specified by the VP-Quality & Engineering.

The Management Review Committee reviews the packet and meets. They work together to produce a report in which they (a) state the progress they find has been made toward the Corporate Operations Plan, (b) identify risks and changes that could affect the company (and specifically the quality and management systems), (c) their recommendations for improvement, and (d) their recommendations for Quality Metrics for the following year. For an ad hoc review, the committee limits the review to the scope designated by the VP-Quality & Engineering. All members sign the report and submit it to the Audit Manager.

The Audit Manager then distributes a copy of the Management Review Committee's report to all the officers as an addition to the Management Review Packet. If appropriate, the Audit Manager may include a commentary on the report.

The officers review the Management Review Committee Packet.

The President calls a Strategic Planning meeting of all the Company's officers plus other managers as deemed appropriate. The Management Review Packet is a significant part of the input to this meeting. The agenda and minutes of this meeting are retained, verifying that all information in the Management Review Packet has been reviewed, listing all topics addressed, all conclusions reached (including any decisions not to act) and all actions required; and verifying that the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality and environmental management systems have been carefully considered and appropriately addressed. From this meeting, the President works with the Board of Directors to develop the Corporate Strategic Plan, or, for an ad hoc review, considers what modifications might be necessary to the Corporate Strategic plan already in place. The team reviews Quality Objectives from the previous year, per TOP- QDATA , and determine if they are appropriately monitoring the Company processes. Metrics for the subsequent year shall be determined at this time.

The VP-Sourcing uses the Strategic Plan, the Management Review Packet and possibly other inputs to develop Operations Plans (Op Plans) looking out roughly one year into the future. In a meeting held twice each quarter, officers and other managers as invited by the VP-Sourcing to review the OpPlans, set detailed time lines and report on progress. The VP-Sourcing updates the OpPlans subsequent to each meeting and has them posted throughout the company per TOP- DOCUM(b) .

The OpPlans annotated with progress being made is communicated to all employees via bulletin board postings at least once per quarter.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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