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TOP-NEWDI: Entering New Die Orders

REV: 10/07/16

SCOPE: This procedure covers the selling of new dies, modification of shipped in dies, or the internal ordering of new die configurations, such as multiple-impression dies.

1 Anyone Upon receiving a Purchase Order from a customer or prospect or upon making an internal decision to proceed with tooling Purchase Order from customer for tooling; decision to make internal set of dies Forward all information to Customer Service Representative for processing; if tooling not quoted or was transferred from another facility, proceed to Step 2a; if tooling previously quoted for new dies or die changes, proceed to Step 2b. Purchase Order and information forwarded to Customer Service Representative
2a Customer Service Representative Upon receiving notification from customer or prospect of their intent to transfer dies and related tooling to Trinity Forge from another supplier or have them created by Trinity Forge Previous quotation(s) (if/when quoted) issued for the part(s) in question; information from customer, prospect, or from Sales team members Enter request for quotation per TOP-QUOTE to determine the cost and time required to create, adapt, modify, or replace the transferred tooling so it can be used on Trinity Forge equipment; return to Step 1.

See - Shipped In Die Inspection
checklist (included in packet sent to VP Quality & Engineering).
Customer/prospect is made aware up-front of cost and time required to create, adapt, modify, or replace the transferred tooling
2b Customer Service Representative Upon receiving all Purchase Order information; decision made to proceed with modifying or creating tooling Customer Purchase Order for tooling or internal decision to modify or make internal set of dies and/or quote to customer Send notification of new die via email and gather all pertinent information together; forward to VP Quality & Engineering.
Notification of new die sent; information gathered and forwarded to VP Quality & Engineering
3 Engineering Assistant Upon receiving email notification of new die Email notification Create the Item Master for tooling; create Tooling Job Order to modify shipped in dies or make new dies and tooling; email Customer Service Representative. Item Master for tooling and Tooling Job Order created; Customer Service Representative notified
4 Customer Service Representative Upon receiving notification of tooling entered in Item Master Item Master, Customer PO File, Customer Master Create Sales Order for tooling. Sales Order created
5 VP Quality & Engineering Upon receiving email of new die and information packet from Customer Service Representative Information packet from Customer Service Representative; own knowledge Review packet for any missing information; if information is missing contact Customer Service Representative to retrieve; if packet is complete assign new die to *Project Leader; assign Forging Engineer to assist Project Leader with hatch meeting startup and design duties.

Click here for helpful hint: Project Management Planning
Packet reviewed for completion; task dates assigned; Project Leader and Forging Engineer assigned
6 *Project Leader Upon receiving packet from VP Quality & Engineering Information packet, own knowledge, instructions from VP Quality & Engineering Review packet information; coordinate with VP Quality & Engineering on time line to create a preliminary task list and set up hatch meeting.

Packet reviewed; coordinated with VP Quality & Engineering to create a preliminary task list
7 Forging Engineer After hatch meeting Information packet, own knowledge, customer prints and/or models, tooling work order, customer and internal specifications Model part per TOP-SOLID; create die and tooling models; make material list for all tooling and forward to Forging Engineer Assistant. Models and material list created and sent to Engineer Assistant
8 Engineering Assistant Upon receiving new die notification and material list from Forging Engineer assigned to customer New die notification, Item Master; list of raw material sizes; Forging Engineer's instructions; own knowledge Create BOM and notify Die Shop per TOP-DSCON; purchase any necessary new materials per TOP-DSCON; if tooling shipped in, work with Die Shop Supervisor or Die Shop Helper to fill out Shipped In Die Checklist and scan into appropriate Engineering Records folder; if tooling created by Trinity Forge, process per TOP-DIMKR; if tooling done by an outside vendor, process tooling per TOP-SINKR. Shipped in Die Checklist filled out and scanned into appropriate folder; BOM created and Die Shop notified; non-inventoried materials ordered; dies created or modified by Trinity or outside die vendor

*Project Leader is any employee that is designated by VP Quality & Engineering to manage a project.

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