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TOP-ORDER: Order Entry & Contract Review


SCOPE: This procedure covers the entry, review, acknowledgment and modification of parts orders, and the ultimate review of our contract with the customer which must be successfully completed before the order is scheduled. For die orders, which must precede any parts orders, see TOP-NEWDI. For orders that are changed while in process, see TOP-CHNGE.

1 Anyone

Upon receiving Customer PO (Purchase order)

Customer PO

Forward PO via email to

2 Customer Service Representative Upon receiving Customer PO Customer PO, Price List, Quote (if any), and customer print and specification(s)
Place order, correspondence, and Contract Review Sheet(QA checklist) into "awaiting approval" folder; check PO to see if all questions are answered to enter a Sales Order (specific part number, price, material, machining requirements, billing address, ship-to-address, print revision and spec revision); input order into M2M and change M2M Sales Order status to "awaiting approval"; if the information on the PO is not clear contact customer, and ask for corrected PO and/or additional information; place notes in the user defined section stating what the issue is and when/how it was resolved; if there is a problem or a die change is required, leave the order in "awaiting approval" and contact the department that will resolve the issue; check Customer Specifications for instructions related to their order; once issues are resolved, send the order to Customer Service Representative who did not enter the original PO for contract review - step 3; (if there is a credit issue, see steps 2a-2b; if customer payment terms are incorrect, see step 2c; if there is a new part or new print see TOP-PRINT; if there is a new specification see TOP-SPECS; if there are changes to the quantity of the contract, see steps 2d-2e; if there are Sales Order quantities of 25 or less, see steps 2f-2g.

Steps 2a-2b are only performed when there is a notification of a credit issue appears in M2M

2a Customer Service Representative A notification of a credit issue appears in M2M Notification of credit issue Notify Accounting Manager of new PO; keep order in “awaiting approval” status pending resolution by Accounting Manager.
2b Accounting Manager Upon notification that customer with unacceptable credit is attempting to place order Credit standing in Customer Master in M2M; customer's payment history; own knowledge

Contact customer and negotiate satisfactory payment arrangements in order to allow the entry of newly received PO; if this cannot be accomplished, inform customer that their order will not be accepted; confirm to customer in writing if feel appropriate; inform Customer Service Representative to either proceed with or cease order entry.

Steps 2c is only performed when there is a discrepancy in the terms of the contract (Customer's PO)

2c Customer Service Representative When the terms of the contract (Customer's PO) don't match information on previous customer POs

Terms of the contract

Notify Accounting Manager that the customer's terms do not match our terms so they can determine whether to change terms or notify the customer that the terms are unacceptable.

Steps 2d-2e are only performed when there is a difference in the quantity the customer has ordered versus the Price List quantities


Customer Service Representative

When there is a difference in the quantity the customer has ordered versus the Price List quantities

Price list; Customer PO

Quote price for quantity requested; send to VP-Sales  or VP-Sourcing for approval (if necessary).

2e VP-Sales or VP-Sourcing

Upon receiving quoted price

Price quoted from Customer Service Representative  Send approval of price quoted to Customer Service Representative.

Steps 2f is to address small Sales Orders (25 pieces or less)


Customer Service Representative

When placing small Sales Orders (25 pieces or less)

Purchase Order; Sales Order; Price List

Confirm with Production Scheduler about how many pieces the order should be priced for in order to account for test pieces on small orders; using Price List, price order accordingly and communicate to Customer for revised PO; note in the Sales Order that it was priced for x number of pieces to account for test pieces.

Step 3 follows any of the above

3 Customer Service Representative who did not originally enter the order Upon receiving entered PO PO, Sales Order file; Contract Review Sheet(QA checklist); information in M2M; Customer Specifications; Customer Prints; Price List;
If any error is detected during contract review, leave Sales Order in "awaiting approval" status; have the originator of the Sales Order make the required corrections to the Sales Order; when the corrections have been made to the Sales Order, continue contract review as outlined in this step to confirm all required corrections have been made to the Sales Order; once all contract review required corrections have been made, open the Sales Order and create acknowledgement and send the acknowledgement and Sales Order back to the Customer Service Representative who originally entered it; if the Customer PO needs to be reviewed by QA Manager because it is government/defense, aerospace or nuclear related, leave the order in “awaiting approval” status; send order to QA Manager to  sign off on the Contract Review Sheet(QA checklist).
4QA ManagerCustomer PO is government/defense, aerospace or nuclear relatedCustomer PO, QA Contract Review Form, Spec Check Worksheet; print, parts list, Routers, specifications or any other information providedCompare PO, print and specifications to job Router and verify that all customer requirements will be met; utilize Spec Check Worksheet to ensure Routers and Spec ID's are correct; notify Customer Service Representative that the order is approved for release.
5Customer Service RepresentativeNotification that PO is approved for releaseEmail from QA Manager, Contract Review Sheet(QA checklist)Complete Contract Review Sheet(QA checklist); open Sales Order and send acknowledgment to Customer.

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