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Trinity Forge Organizational Structure

REV: 03/14/17

Board of Directors


VP-Sales (Harry Kelly)

Regional Sales Managers

Independent Sales Representatives (Matthew Steffen, Fatima Deal)

VP-Sourcing (Mike Lobsiger)

Customer Service Manager 

Customer Service Representatives (Betsy Jurchenko)


Purchasing & Inventories (Amber Esparza)

VP-Quality & Engineering (Todd Sheppard)

Project Management

Forging Engineering Supervisor (David McClung)

Forging Engineers (Manlio Castillo)

Estimator Manager

Estimator (Dirk Kovar, Devin Bell)

Engineering Assistant (Tommy Phelps)

QA Manager / Audit Manager (Tim Ellis)

Quality Assurance Engineer (Charles Brock)

Quality Assurance (Tabitha Barbeau)

Quality System

Internal Audit

Metallurgist (Jun Peng)

VP-Manufacturing (John Fairbanks)

Production Scheduler (Robert Guel, Jr.)

Forging Production Superintendent (Tony Barron)

Forging Production Supervisors (Tony Barron)

Production Leadmen

Hammer Crews

Steelyard Supervisor (Robert Guel, Sr.)


Shipping / Post Forge Supervisors (Ramiro Perez, Don Moody - Night)

Shipping Clerk


Post Forge

Die Shop Supervisors (Robert Guel, Sr., Don Moody - Night)

Die Shop

Die Prep

Forging QC Supervisors (James Harris, Don Moody - Night)

Quality Control - Forging

Machining Superintendent (Derek Reece)

Machining Supervisors (Derek Reece, Pao Thao - Night)

Production Machining

Die Machining



Machining QC Supervisor (Gabe Gurrola)

Quality Control - Machining

Machining Clerk
Machining Programmer (David Hernandez-Barron, Richard Pae)

Maintenance Manager (Andres Palau)

Maintenance Supervisors


Maintenance Engineer 

Warehouse Administrator (Louise Goodwin)

Controller (Todd Omer)

Accounting Manager

Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk (Cynthia Jackson)
Accounts Receiveable/Payroll Clerk (Jocelyn Hawkins)

HR Manager / Environmental Coordinator (John Fairbanks)

IT Manager (Todd Sheppard)

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