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TOP-OTEST: Outside Testing

SCOPE: This procedure covers the use of outside laboratories for tensile testing, impact testing, chemical analysis, magnaflux and similar analysis.

Testing Scheduled with Heat Treat







1 Shipping Clerk Printing Purchase Order for heat treat job Jobs Info Produce second Purchase Order for lab testing (computer automatically gives details and specifications). Purchase Order for authorized laboratory with heat treat work order
2 Heat Treater Receipt of parts and work orders Purchase Orders After heat treating parts and validating hardness, take test specimen(s) to laboratory; do not return parts until notified to do so. Specimens and lab work order to laboratory
3 Laboratory Upon receiving specimen(s) and Purchase Order Purchase Order; any standards cited on Purchase Order or cited in letter stating Trinity Forge's testing specifications* Perform testing; produce report; email results to QA Assistant, QA Manager and Heat Treater. Test results returned to QA Assistant, QA Manager and Heat Treater
4 QA Manager New heat treater or lab is approved, or specifications not appearing on Purchase Order which affect a vendor Approved Supplier List; Customer Specifications Reference Specifications, Reference Specification Master List; Customer Specification Library Notify new vendor of required Trinity Forge, Inc. testing specifications which do not appear on work order; send revised notification whenever specification changes occur which do not appear on work order. All vendors kept apprised of process specifications they must meet
5 QA Assistant Upon receipt of test results via e-mail/fax Test results; Jobs Info Records results; verify "pass" or "fail"; enter results into Heat Code information. Results recorded in Heat Code information.
6 QA Assistant Upon receipt of test results via e-mail/fax Test results; Jobs Info If parts passed test(s), heat treater notified to return parts and close-out lab Purchase Order on computer; upon receipt of hard copy results scan into Part Certs. Heat treater notified to return parts, Purchase Order closed out. Hard copy results scanned and put on server
7 QA Assistant Upon receipt of test results via e-mail/fax Test results; Jobs Info If parts failed test(s), leave Purchase Order open for testing after subsequent heat treating and/or testing; notify Production Supervisor if parts will be delayed. Subsequent action taken; Production Supervisorr notified of delays
8 Heat Treater Upon receiving test results Test results If results were "pass", return parts to Trinity Forge; if "fail", re-heat treat if allowed by specification (if not, or if problem, contact QA Manager for instructions). Parts dispositioned

* On June 18, 1996, a letter was sent to each Trinity Forge, Inc. approved testing vendor which explained that the specifications in the letter were to be followed as applicable unless a different one was stated on the work order in which case the work order specification would take precedence. A letter stating Trinity Forge's specifications will be sent to proposed vendors, as well as maintaining a current list of specifications to approved testing vendors.

Testing Parts Remaining In-House

Parts tested as-forged or at other points in the process rather than immediately after heat treat are processed similarly to the procedure given above for heat treated parts, except that the QA Manager assumes the role that the heat treater fills, keeping parts segregated (possibly at the lab) until receiving a "pass" report.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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