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TOP-POLCY: Policy Establishment Process


The Trinity Forge "Policy Establishment" process is the most all-encompassing of the processes, although it can be described most briefly. Policy Establishment represents the exercise of the leadership by top management and is inherently non-procedural. The results may be found in the Corporate Mission, the Quality Policy, the Operations Plan (including quality objectives) and the Trinity Forge Quality Manual. The input to the Policy Establishment process is completely at the discretion of top management, but notably includes the results of the Review and Improvement process (see TOP-IMPRV) and the flow of information developed through relationships with customer and industry executives. The results of Policy Establishment govern all other company processes.

Certain "stakeholders" in Trinity Forge require notification whenever there is a change in fundamental aspects of the company, such as core policies, controlling ownership, executive management, plant location, or quality system certification. The Quality Assurance Manager maintains the Stakeholder Notification Registry of what entity has what notification requirements then, when there is an applicable change, ensures timely notification is made per registry.

The activities within other processes that closely relate to the Policy Establishment process are:

  • Management Review and Planning. See TOP-MREVU
  • Quality Manual Maintenance and Control. See TOP-TFQMM
  • EMS Manual Maintenance and Control. See TOP-TFEMS.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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