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TOP-POSUP: Purchase Order Supplemental Requirements

REV: 11/21/16

SCOPE: This procedure covers the requirements placed on suppliers for purchased material, goods, or other services.

All subcontractors and raw material suppliers to Trinity Forge must:

  1. Completely meet all requirements of Trinity Forge’s purchase order, including those specified in this supplement, providing Trinity Forge with prompt notification of any problems foreseen in doing so. It is the vendors responsibility to review all documents to ensure they conform to Trinity Forge's customer requirements, including current print or specification revision.
  2. Flow down any requirements of the purchase order to subsequent vendors.
  3. Acknowledge receipt of purchase order immediately with any exceptions clearly noted.
  4. Certify material to be free of mercury contamination and has not been subject to weld repair.
  5. Individually identify, with an approval stamp or mark, any part used for non-destructive testing other than hardness testing.
  6. Recognize the right of Trinity Forge’s employees, agents, customers and regulatory agencies to perform onsite inspections of supplier’s facility to verify that adequate procedures are in place:
    1. For ensuring full traceability of all items purchased.
    2. For handling non-conforming materials.
  7. Warrant that all materials covered by Trinity Forge’s purchase order:
    1. Conform to the specification, drawing, or other description furnished by Trinity Forge.
    2. Are fit for the purpose intended.
    3. Are of good workmanship and, if appropriate, of good materials.
    4. Are free from defects.
  8. Be approved per the terms of TOP-SAPVL or be mandated by Trinity Forge's customer.
  9. Provide a Certification of Conformance attesting the conformance of the material or service provided to verify conformance to the specifications referenced on drawing and/or purchase orders.
  10. Notify Trinity Forge of any nonconforming products within 2 business days of becoming aware of the non-conformity.
  11. Receive disposition approval of non-conforming product from Trinity Forge prior to shipment of product.
  12. Notify Trinity Forge of any changes to product, processes, suppliers, or facilities.
  13. Agree to make Trinity Forge whole for any costs or damages resulting from supplier's failure to perform the service or supply product or to provide the required quality.
  14. Trinity Forge's customers reserve the right to verify at the vendors or sellers premises that the subcontracted products or services conform to specified requirements.
  15. The supplier shall include provisions in the subcontracts to allow the supplier, customer, and regulatory agencies Right of Entry to any place or facility necessary to determine and verify the quantity and quality of the contracted work or products.
  16. Acceptance of this purchase order obligates the seller to perform, upon request, a corrective action investigation when discrepant material is received by the buyer. A written report shall be furnished, within a period of 7 business days which is specific and conclusive to present a reoccurrence of the discrepancy.
  17. Materials with limited shelf life (epoxy, paint, adhesives, etc.) shall indicate the date of manufacture, lot number, and applicable specification on the container. Time lapse "between cure or manufacture date and date of scheduled receipt of product" shall be consistent with the applicable specifications or the purchase order requirements.
  18. Acceptance of this order is an agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure of all information herewith.
  19. Be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan Employer (EEO/AAP).
  20. Retain records of certifications, process records, and quality records for a minimum of 40 years from date of Purchase Order.

  21. Additionally, raw material supplier must also:

  22. Make all mill chemical reports legible and able to be reproduced by photocopying.
  23. Certify material to be free of mercury contamination and has not been subject to weld repair.
  24. Provide mill chemical reports via telefax or e-mail upon,or prior to, shipment.
  25. Ship material on flat bed, open trailers:
    1. Block bundles on all sides by 2 x 4 wood pieces.
    2. Limit individual bundles to no more than 10,000 lbs.
    3. Limit bundles to no more than 24 feet in length.
  26. For each bundle, include on both the tag and on the bill of lading: bar count, weight, average bar length, and mill heat number.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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