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TOP-PRDEV: The Product Development Process


Trinity Forge’s "Product Development" process consists of the series of activities necessary for working with a customer to develop a concept for a forged and/or machined part into the specifications and tooling necessary prior to for production. These are the activities associated with selling, engineering and tooling for both new products and for engineering changes.

Providing the resources necessary for Product Development is the Resource Management process (see TOP-RMGMT). Actual processing of a parts order is the Order Fulfillment process (see TOP-PRODN). Records maintained from Process Development ultimately feed into the Review and Improvement process (see TOP-IMPRV) .

Below, in general order of occurrence, the Process Development activities are outlined showing the primary Trinity Operating Procedure (TOP) associated with each activity.

1. Quoting. See TOP-QUOTE.

2. Developing specifications, tooling for new products and Project Management.  See TOP-NEWDI.

  • Controlling Engineering Prints. See TOP-PRINT.
  • Controlling Solid Cad Models. See TOP-SOLID
  • Developing Trinity Procedure Specifications (TPSs). See TOP-TPSMM.
  • Developing Machining Procedure Specifications (MPSs). See TOP-MPSMM.
  • Developing Quality Control Specifications. See TOP-PREQC.

3. Handling engineering change orders. See TOP-DCORD.

For the complete list of all TOPs within the Product Development Processes, click here.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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