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TOP-QUOTE: Quoting


SCOPE: This procedure covers the quoting process, wherein Trinity Forge reviews a customer's requirements against its own capabilities and costs, then either provides a quotation of prices for tooling and parts or provides a "no-quote" response.






1 Sales Associate* or other party Upon receiving a request for quotation (RFQ) RFQ including any supporting information (prints, specifications, etc.)Specify customer requirements, working with customer to resolve unclear points as needed; verify customer information in Quote Spreadsheet is up to date; forward RFQ and all supporting information to Estimator.
2 Estimator
Upon receiving RFQ RFQ including supporting information Review the RFQ and supporting information; assess risk involved, discussing with VP-Sales, Independent Sales Representative, prospects or others to resolve any questions.

-If no-quote, complete step 3

-If quoted, continue to step 5

3EstimatorUpon deciding to no-quoteRFQ including supporting informationInform Sales Associate assigned to customer of decision to no-quote; include quote number if one has been issued and reason for deciding to no-quote; update Quote spreadsheet.
4 Sales Associate or other party
When informed of a decision to no-quote RFQ including supporting information Communicate a no-quote to the customer by email, fax, letter or other means as deemed appropriate with a copy to the VP-Sales and Business Development Manager.
5 Estimator
Upon deciding to pursue quote RFQ including supporting information Initiate new entry in Quote Spreadsheet; create a new Quote Packet and RFQ information sheet; save it and all supporting information in Quote Log; forward original RFQ email adding any related notes and a hyperlink to the Quote Spreadsheet to designated Forging Engineer, and Buyer; send request to sub-contractor or testing providers, including any edited need-to-know support information.
6 Anyone contributing to a quotation (typically a Forging Engineer or Buyer) Upon request from Estimator to contribute cost estimates to a quoting exercise RFQ including supporting information Review the RFQ and supporting information; discuss any questions with appropriate parties (Independent Sales Representative, Forging Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, etc); if the RFQ does not fall within Trinity Forge's capabilities, notify the Estimator, otherwise work up cost estimate and forward original email request back to Estimator indicating completion.
7 Estimator
Upon notification supporting estimates are complete RFQ including supporting information, supporting estimates, own expertise, cross department expertise, records and tools Verify that cost estimates are complete and appear reasonable (if there is missing or questionable data, return to step 4); work with VP-Sales and Sales Associate or other parties to produce quotation; if quote is for new die send to Accounting Manager for financial review; if not, skip to Step 9.
8Accounting ManagerUpon receiving quote for financial review for new dieApproved quote, customer information (such as email credit reports), and any other requested informationReview quote using guidelines set by CFO; send quote to Customer Service Representative.

Customer Service Representative Upon receipt of quote Quote, original RFQ and supporting information, all information gathered in steps above Send quote to customer.

*Note:  Sales associates can be VP-Sales, Regional Sales Manager, VP-Operations or Business Development Manager.

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