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TOP-RECHK: Rechecking Measurements With Out-Of-Calibration Instruments

SCOPE: This procedure covers the assessment and documentation of the validity of previous inspection and test results when inspection, measuring and test equipment is found to be out of calibration. 





1 Any team member Upon finding any caliper, gage or other measuring device to be out of calibration Own verification or calibration results Report situation to the Calibrations Clerk
2 Calibrations Clerk Upon receiving report that measuring device is out of calibration Report from team member Determine the base point; the most recent time that the faulty device was calibrated or verified as being in calibration; determine all uses that device has possibly been used since base point; document possible uses on Out-of-Calibration Report; continue to step 3
3 QC Supervisor Upon verifying possible use of faulty device Out-of-Calibration Report Direct the re-inspection of each application to which faulty device may have been used, bringing other team members, suppliers or customer in for information or assistance as needed (see TOP-RCALL); document the results of each re-inspection on Out-of-Calibration Report and produce corrected updates of any records produced from original readings (if any original results cannot be verified, so note) Return completed Out-of-Calibration Report to the Calibrations Clerk
4 Calibrations Clerk Receipt or production of Out-of-Calibration Report Out-of-Calibration Report Review and confirm full execution of Out-of-Calibration Report and confirm in computer
5 Calibrations Clerk After completing rechecks Out-of-Calibration Report Complete Out-of-Calibration Report and submit to QA Manager
6 QA Manager Upon receiving completed Out-of-Calibration Report Out-of-Calibration Report; any necessary quality records Review Out-of-Calibration Report for clarity and completeness, auditing any points deemed appropriate; file in Out-of-Calibration Report file

*Time is critical in rechecking a suspected out-of-tolerance condition. The QA Manager is required to immediately report any lack of cooperation to the VP-Quality & Engineering.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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