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TOP-RECRM: Receiving Raw Metals


Scope: This procedure covers the steps involved in receiving steel or other metals to be forged or machined*.

1 Steelyard Specialist, Steelyard Leadman or Steelyard Helper Steel arrives on truck Packing list, vendor steel tags, Purchase Order for raw material Before unloading truck compare packing list to the raw material Purchase Order to make sure the steel received is the steel ordered; check packing list against vendor steel tag to ensure tag agrees with packing list; check packing list to mill heat number stamped on end of the bars (when available); check diameter of each bundle; check for seams; sign packing list; weigh each bundle and record data on packing list; unload steel from truck; put steel in bins; paint ends of the steel using the Forging Materials Reference List (if weather or other conditions prevent immediate painting, retain a copy of receiving paperwork until conditions allow painting); put the steel assigned bins on receiving paperwork; send Packing List, Bill of Lading, Material Certifications to Materials Manager.

xx xxIf seams are found place a hold tag on the bundle, put the steel in the hold bin; call QC Inspector to inspect seams or roll marks to verify depth; initiate raw material non conformance procedure(TOP-RMNON).
The steel received is checked and verified. Steel is color coded and put in steelyard; problems are reported; discrepant incoming steel is tagged and quarantined; QC Inspector inspects seams or roll marks and verifies depth; raw material non conformance procedure initiated
2 Steelyard Supervisor or Specialist Receive packing list Packing list, Pre-made Bundle ID Stickers, raw material purchase order in computer system, raw material certifications Enter heat number information into computer system (the computer system will generate the next heat number).Enter bundle, M-Part number, weight, other criteria such as mercury-free, no weld repair statement or country of origin and receiving information into computer system. Verify that this information had been correctly entered into the computer system. If raw material certifications indicate that the material does not comply with the requirements on either the raw material purchase order, Spec ID or the Material Master, investigate any discrepancy and determine what action is required. If new heat number, enter chemistry into Heat Code information in the computer; send Steel Stickers to be placed on the bundle tags with the lot number, size, grade, heat code, weight, and vendor Steel info entry is reviewed and verified. Chemistry is checked and entered into Heat Code info. Bundle ID and Heat Code are assigned; Steel Stickers sent to the Steelyard
3 Steelyard Supervisor or Specialist Receive steel invoice Invoice, packing list certs, mill test reports Enter steel info from stickers on packing list into computer; enter per pound price for each bundle in the computer; match up invoice with the receiver; verify that invoice is correct;assign G/L to invoice;forward invoice and receiver to A/P to be processed;stamp heat code on mill test reports and file in mill test report files; scan into the Mill Certs Directory on the server Chemistry corrections are made; paperwork is filed and scanned
4 Materials Manager As job is processed Industry, and customer specifications. PO folder, computer cross checking, material certifications Check raw material certifications against the requirements for the appropriate specification;if raw material does not comply with the requirements for the appropriate specification investigate the discrepancy and determine what action is required Heat codes checked and verified to meet the requirements of the specifications for the production jobs they are intended to be used for
5 Steelyard Specialist, Steelyard Leadman, Steelyard Helper Steel Stickers are received Steel Stickers Verify information Issued by M2M on the Steel Stickers is the same as the information on the mill tags; place stickers on Trinity tags; place tags on raw material Information verified;
*For simplicity sake, all places in this TOP that refer to steel will be understood to include any metal used in forging and machining.

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