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TOP-SAPVL: Supplier Monitoring and Approval


SCOPE: This procedure covers review, approval and performance rating of all suppliers whose level of quality directly affects the quality of Trinity Forge's manufacturing service and their ability to meet customer requirements. Specifically covered are raw material; outside processors (heat treaters, testing laboratories, calibrators, platers and finishers) IT and auditors or any other group designated by the QA Manager.






1 All team members who purchase As select suppliers Approved Vendor List Ensure any purchase covered by this procedure is made from an approved supplier.
2 All team members who purchase Supplier is not on Approved Vendor List null Forward a request to the QA Manager to consider approving a supplier; include an explanation of why we need the supplier, a point of contact  with phone number and email addess.

NOTE: Any vendor required by Trinity Forge's customers' Approved Vendor List (AVL) may be immediately approved, but needs to be added to the Trinity Forge's AVL per the requirements of this TOP prior to any subsequent orders.
3 QA Manager As needed to consider approving a supplier Any information QA Manager deems appropriate Evaluate the prospective supplier; use vendor quality survey and verify if vendor has a Quality Management System that is registered to an accredited specification, such as ISO, ASME, AS or other recognized quality standards; if the  vendor has a current registered QMS they can be immediately approved; vendors who do not have a certified QMS may be approved on a trial basis; all vendors will be rated per the criteria in step 4a and 4b below; once approval has been granted, notify Accounts Payable Clerk to have supplier added to M2M; update supplier status in M2M ;notify requesting team member that the supplier has been approved or disapproved.
4a QA Manager or VP-Sourcing
Monthly On-time-delivery (OTD) report Evaluate vendor's performance; vendors will be rated on a percentile basis; the information is collected from the Approved Vendor List.
4bAnyone with authority to purchase from *critical vendorsUpon questioning the level of quality of any approved supplierVendor Service Request (VSR) incidents (M2M) and any other documented quality issuesComplete VSR incident report; notify QA Manager; determine severity; evaluate the vendor performance monthly on a percentile basis; the information is collected from the Approved Vendor List spreadsheet.
4cVP-SourcingQuarterlyResults from Approved Vendor List spreadsheetEvaluate each vendor's performance quarterly using the supplier scorecard; the scorecard will be shared with the vendor, the QA Manager and Production Scheduler.

The Approved Vendor List will be maintained by Quality Assurance using the Approved Vendor List spreadsheet. All vendors will be required to fill out the Vendor Quality Survey every three years. Trinity Forge will maintain a record of each vendor's Quality Management System registration as appropriate, including ISO 9001, AS9100, Nadcap, ISO 17025 and Nuclear Regulation 10CFR21 to ensure the vendor is approved in their scope to properly provide product or services to meet the requirements of Trinity Forge's customers.

5 QA Manager At least quarterly; when notified of a concern Supplier information on computer and any information that may arise that indicates the need for an early review Vendors exhibiting downward trends on either OTD or VSR metrics for more than 3 consecutive months or any grade of D shall be asked to review and reply to the scorecard; if the scorecard exhibits a D for 2 consecutive quarters, issue the vendor a V-CAR per TOP-CARRR; purchasing should consider alternate sources for the product; if the vendor's performance does not improve after the issuance of V-CAR, consider suspension or marking the vendor unapproved.

Approved Vendor Definitions:

*Critical Vendor - Any vendors who supply product or services critical to Trinity Forge's product realization. Survey updated every three years.

NADCAP - Vendor with product or services that are required to be certified for aerospace, defense and related industries. Updated based on vendors certificate.

ISO 17025 - Vendor who provides calibration or laboratory analysis services. Updated based on vendors' certificate.

Nuclear - Vendor who provides services that must report defects of non-Compliance per Nuclear Regulation 10CFR20 and Section 206 of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974. Requires on-site audit every two years.

QMS Registration - Vendor whose Quality Management System is registered by an ANAB certifying agency for either ISO 9001 or AS9100. Updated based on vendors certificate.

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