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TOP-STAFF: Staffing Team Positions


Scope: This procedure covers the process for assuring that individuals are competent for the positions to which they are assigned.

1 Any manager Upon identifying a need to add personnel or to change the staffing of a particular job Own observations Communicate to HR Manager the need which has been identified for adding or changing staffing, including the name(s) of any candidate(s) identified Staffing needs communicated to HR
2 HR Manager Upon receiving request to add or change staffing Manager’s request; Trinity Forge Team Positions; personnel and training files and possibly outside resumes or employment applications Review the need expressed for adding or changing staffing. As needed, discuss the need with upper management. If disagree with the need expressed, convey this information to the requesting manager who may choose to bring upper management into the decision-making process. If agree, determine the Team Position(s) involved (may require development per TOP-TFTPM) and the specific requirements which candidate(s) must meet. Provide the requesting manager with a selection of candidates who meet the criteria required (this may be as simple as approval of the manager’s requested candidates or as complex as multiple applicant interviews) Decision regarding the request to add or change staffing. If appropriate, candidates provided
3 Any manager As designate a team member to serve in a particular team position Own observations Notify HR Manager of who you desire to assign to which team position Position assignment communicated to HR Manager to verify and record per TOP-TRECS

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