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TOP-SUBCO: Control of Parts to Subcontractors

REV: 04/30/15
SCOPE: This procedure covers shipping and control of parts to subcontractors (typically heat treaters, welders, machine shops and platers).






1 Shipping Clerk, Shipping Leadman When setting job up or upon determining a job needs a subcontract service Jobs Info; process steps, Production Traveler; less frequently: info received from other team members or own observation; QA Manager's instructions If process steps or Job info indicate customer requirement for subcontract work, or if parts are found to need outside rework and subcontractor is not known notify QA Manager. QA Manager notified of need for subcontractor
2 *Engineer or QA Manager If question arises as to location of where hardness is to be checked Specifications on print or customer contact Add depth and location of hardness to QC print; send one print to Shipping Clerk to be attached to heat treat work order. Formalize print per TOP-PRINT. Location of hardness and depth marked; one print forwarded to Shipping Clerk; new info added to master drawing
3 Post Forge Leadman; Shipping Clerk Forgings are to be heat treated Process Steps, print; notes in Jobs Info; Traveler. If the process plan calls for separation by furnace lot, any reheat treated parts must be kept separated from the other parts of the same heat code and coded differently unless all of that heat code is reheat treated in the same furnace lot. Determination made on how to handle reheat treated parts requiring separation by furnace lot
4 QC Inspector; Post Forge team member As parts are inspected after forging Production Traveler Tag containers with needed post-production steps. Tagged containers of inspected parts
5 Post Forge Leadman; Post Forge Specialist; Shipping Clerk Time to send parts out Jobs Info; Production Traveler; container tags; Approved Supplier List Choose subcontractor from Approved Supplier List; prepare preliminary work order*; ensure parts are weighed/counted and containers are properly tagged/marked; add weight & count to preliminary work order; a copy of MTRs (Mill Test Report) to accompany parts requiring tensile and charpy test. Subcontractor determined; preliminary work order prepared; parts weighed and counted and containers properly tagged/marked; weight and count added to preliminary work order; MTRs sent with parts to heat treater
*The Purchase Order is computer-generated from M2M and can only be prepared for a supplier approved for the particular type of subcontract service.
6 Shipping Leadman; Shipping Clerk; Post Forge Supervisor After completing preliminary Purchase Order or receiving subcontractor Purchase Order. Preliminary Purchase Order Complete Purchase Order and ensure that arrangements have been made for getting parts to subcontractor. Parts and paperwork ready for subcontractor
7 QA Manager; Shipping Leadman; Shipping Clerk Purchase Order is completed except for review and approval Process steps; notes from Jobs; Production and Shipping schedule; Purchase Order Review and approve each Purchase Order that is sent to an outside vendor; sign, stamp or initial, and date. Each Purchase Order to an outside vendor reviewed and approved; signed, stamped or initialed and dated
8 Post Forge Helper or Driver After receiving Purchase Order and when truck is ready Container tags; Purchase Order Turn parts over to subcontractor; have subcontractor sign Purchase Order, keep 1 copy, give supplier 1 copy; 1 copy >placed in P.O. file Parts and 1 copy of Purchase Order in subcontractor's hands; one copy of Purchase Order to Active Purchase Order File; one copy to Accounts Payable
9 Authorized subcontractor Per schedule agreed to upon accepting Purchase Order Purchase Order; other needed info such as copy of process steps or customer spec Perform service ordered (CONTACT APPROPRIATE TRINITY FORGE PERSONNEL TO RESOLVE ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE PROCESSING PARTS). Processed parts returned with tagged containers, packing slip and (if certified) 1 copy of cert
10 Shipping Leadman; Post Forge Specialist When parts returned Container tags; Production Traveler; Certifications; copy of Purchase Order Ensure all parts have been returned, all containers have been properly tagged, remove "Ready for Heat Treat" sticker; move all parts to next area, forward Production Traveler and shipping documents to the QC Final Inspector for inspection of parts. NOTE: Machined products can be easily damaged in handling -- report any possible damage to Machining Department Supervisor and QA Manager. Completed subcontract step; parts forwarded to QC Department for inspection
11 QC Production Inspector Upon receiving notification of returned parts Traveler; print; any instructions from QC Supervisor Examine parts received to determine if they meet the requirements of the Purchase Order; heat codes are traceable, quantities are correct, and steps in the Traveler have not been skipped. If parts fail inspection pass paperwork on to QC Supervisor with details of the nonconformity; otherwise, pass paperwork on to Shipping Leadman or Shipping Clerk and skip Step 12. Inspection performed
12 QC Supervisor; Machining Manager Upon notification that parts failed receiving inspection Inspection data; copy of Purchase Order; print; Production Traveler Have parts moved to MRB area. Make decision to scrap or rework parts; resolve any issues and forward paperwork to Shipping Leadman, Shipping Clerk. Decision made to scrap or rework parts; issues resolved, Paperwork forwarded to Shipping Leadman; Shipping Clerk
13 Shipping Leadman; Shipping Clerk Upon receiving paperwork Returned paperwork; white copy of Purchase Order; Production Traveler Close Purchase Order and print receiver, send Purchase Order and Receiver to Accounts Payable, certs to QA Assistant. Computer updated; paperwork done
14 Production Supervisor At least twice per week Job Info; Purchase Order status report (M2M) Check through outstanding Purchase Order to keep up with any that are running late; involve VP-Manufacturing for any late jobs that are 1) not easily explained, or 2) beyond 3 days late. No orders forgotten
*"Engineer" refers to the member of the Engineering Department assigned the die in question. If there is any question as to which Engineer is assigned a particular die, the VP-Quality & Engineering decides.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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