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Trinity Forge Team Positions (TFTP)

Last Published: 04/03/17
TFTP Code Description
TFTP-OCRT Accounting Manager
TFTP-OPAY Accounting-Payroll Clerk
TFTP-OACP Accounts Payable (AP) Clerk
TFTP-OACR Accounts Receivable (AR) Clerk
TFTP-AMGR Audit Manager
TFTP-OBDM Business Development Manager
TFTP-MECL Calibrations Clerk
TFTP-CARA CAR Administrator
TFTP-XBOS Chief Executive Officer Emeritus (CEO Emeritus)
TFTP-XCFO Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
TFTP-EMET CMM Operator/Programmer
TFTP-COIN Coin Operator
TFTP-XCTR Controller
TFTP-CUST Custodian
TFTP-CSMG Customer Service Manager
TFTP-SAST Customer Service Representative
TFTP-RDRP Die Prep Die Preparer
TFTP-RHLP Die Prep Helper
TFTP-RDRL Die Prep Lead Man
TFTP-RTSU Die Prep Tooling Set-Up Man
TFTP-DDIE Die Shop Die Man
TFTP-DHLP Die Shop Helper
TFTP-DLED Die Shop Lead Man
TFTP-EDSS Die Shop Supervisor
TFTP-DTRR Die Shop Trimmer Man
TFTP-BDSS Die Sinking/Tooling Supervisor (Machine Department)
TFTP-EAST Engineering Assistant
TFTP-EENV Environmental Coordinator
TFTP-EXAU External Auditor
TFTP-FMGR Forging Department Superintendent
TFTP-FENG Forging Engineer
TFTP-PFOP Furnace Operator
TFTP-PHMR Hammer Man
TFTP-HTWK Heat Treat Worker
TFTP-HMGR Human Resources (HR) Manager
TFTP-PIHO Induction Heater Operator
TFTP-CMGR Information Systems Manager
TFTP-AIAU Internal Auditor
TFTP-BMCN Machine Operator Die and Tooling
TFTP-BMLA Machine Operator Production
TFTP-BMAC Machine Operator Trainee 
TFTP-BCLK Machining Department Clerk
TFTP-BCRB Machining Department Crib Attendant
TFTP-BMGR Machining Department Superintendent
TFTP-BMHD Machining Department Material Handler
TFTP-BPMO Machining Department Precision Machinist
TFTP-BPRO Machining Department Programmer
TFTP-BSVL Machining Department Leadman
TFTP-BSVS Machining Department Supervisor
TFTP-PFMI Magnetic Particle Inspector Level 2
TFTP-PFMO Magnetic Particle Inspector Level 3
TFTP-EMEC Manufacturing Engineer
TFTP-MENG Maintenance Engineer
TFTP-MLED Maintenance Lead Man
TFTP-MMNT Maintenance Man
TFTP-MAMG Maintenance Manager
TFTP-MASP Maintenance Supervisor
TFTP-MTEC Maintenance Technician
TFTP-MWLD Maintenance Welder
TFTP-QMRB Material Review Board
TFTP-MTCL Materials Clerk
TFTP-SMMG Materials Manager
TFTP-PFBO Post Forge Blaster Operator
TFTP-PFHP Post Forge Helper
TFTP-PFLM Post Forge Lead Man
TFTP-POSP Post Forge Specialist
TFTP-PFSU Post Forge Supervisor (combined w/ Shipping Supervisor)
TFTP-XPRZ President
TFTP-XPCM Production Control Manager
TFTP-PHLP Production Helper
TFTP-PLED Production Lead Man
TFTP-PPCS Production Scheduler
TFTP-PSVS Production Supervisor (Foreman)
TFTP-PTRM Production Trimmer
TFTP-PUHM Production Utility Hammer Man
TFTP-PWLD Production Welder
TFTP-BPGM Program Manager
TFTP-OQCN Quality Assurance Assistant
TFTP-QAMG Quality Assurance Manager
TFTP-QIN1 Quality Control Inspector I - Table Inspection
TFTP-QIN2 Quality Control Inspector II - In Process Inspection
TFTP-QIN3 Quality Control Inspector III - Final Inspection
TFTP-QCLM Quality Control Leadman
TFTP-QINM Quality Control Machining Inspector
TFTP-QSVM Quality Control Manager
TFTP-QSPL Quality Control Specialist
TFTP-QSVS Quality Control Supervisor
TFTP-QENG Quality Engineer
TFTP-ESTQ Estimator
TFTP-ORCP Receptionist
TFTP-SRSM Regional Sales Manager
TFTP-HRSC Safety Program Coordinator
TFTP-SSOA Sales Operations Analyst
TFTP-SAOP Scan Arm Operator
TFTP-SBUY Senior Buyer
TFTP-WSCL Shipping Clerk
TFTP-WHLP Shipping Helper
TFTP-WLDM Shipping Leadman
TFTP-WSUP Shipping Supervisor
TFTP-YHLP Steelyard Helper
TFTP-YLED Steelyard Lead Man
TFTP-YSPL Steelyard Specialist
TFTP-YKSP Steelyard Supervisor
TFTP-TMTR Team Member
TFTP-BTMK Tool Maker
TFTP-HRTC Training Coordinator
TFTP-WDRV Truck Driver
TFTP-XMFG VP-Manufacturing
TFTP-SSOM VP-Operations
TFTP-XQCE VP-Quality & Engineering
TFTP-MWHS Warehouse Administrator
TFTP-WLDH Welder Helper

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TFTP Revision History (at least last six months)

Revisions made as of 12/11/14

Added "including examination" to line concerning Formal Training under "Rookiung Requirements" TFTP-AMGR.

Revisions made as of 11/04/14

Added Team Position Senior Buyer TFTP-SBUY.

Revisions made as of 9/25/14

Changed Coach to Business Development Manager TFTP-CSMG.

Changed Coach to Busness Development Manager TFTP-SAST.

Revisions made as of 9/17/14

Added  training modules  EGPR, PRCP, PRNT under Rookie Requirements TFTP-ESTQ.

Added (Releifman) by Hammerman TFTP-PUHM.

Added "understanding of 10CFR21 under Rookie Requirements TFTP-QMRB.

Revisions made as of 08/08/14

Added new team position TFTP-XSOR.

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