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TOP-TFQMM: Quality Manual Maintenance & Control


SCOPE: This procedure covers the maintenance and control of Trinity Forge Quality Manual (TFQM) republished. Note that the manual is located on the Internet at







1 Any manager As manager or committee deems appropriate Own judgment Notify President of need to modify TFQM. Management made aware of need of possible changes to the TFQM
2 President Upon receiving proposal for TFQM change Proposal for TFQM change Determine what, if any change is to be made to TFQM; communicate Quality Manual changes to TOPs Clerk. Approved/disapproved proposal (possibly with amendments); if approved, changes to Quality Manual are conveyed to TOPs Clerk
3 TOPs Clerk Upon receiving approved changes from President TFQM change To create the working draft, use master TFQM file summarize changes at the bottom; submit to QA Manager for review and approval. TFQM working draft* and summarized changes developed and submitted for executive approval
4 QA Manager Upon receiving working draft TFQM for review and approval TFQM working draft, including summary of changes; own knowledge and files Review each item in the TFQM working draft and verify it does reflect changes according to summary; verify (possibly from own prior involvement) that these changes were made in accordance with this TOP, all standards specified in the working draft (such as AS9100) and any contract or regulatory requirements; note any errors or comments on the TFQM and take any action believed to be necessary; acknowledge TFQM for final approval to President. TFQM working draft reviewed and approved (or appropriate action taken) and forwarded via email for final approval
5 President Upon receiving TFQM working draft for review and approval TFQM working draft, including summary of changes; own knowledge Review each item for final approval for publication; if disapproved notify QA Manager; if approved, print a copy to become the TFQM Archive, sign and date the copy, and forward it to the TOPs Clerk signifying final approval. Final approval or disapproval of Quality Manual update; disapproval communicated to QA Manager or approval communicated to TOPs Clerk via signed TFQM Archive
6 TOPs Clerk Upon securing signed and dated TFQM Archive from President TFQM Archive; TFQM working draft; TFQM Update Notification List Verify that TFQM Archive fully reflects TFQM working draft and has been approved by President; mark current TFQM Master as "obsolete" and file on computer as such; upload TFQM working draft to The Internet as new TFQM Master, finalize Statement of Release; e-mail Statement of Release to all employees with network access and to all customers and regulatory agencies; copy the entire TOPs system to a CD-ROM, mark the CD-ROM as "Copy of TOPs" and the current date, and file the CD-ROM with the TFQM Archive File. TFQM with covering Statements of Release uploaded on the Internet; employees and interested outside parties notified of Quality Manual Update; TFQM Archive and copy of contemporaneous TOPs filed in fire safe
7 IT Manager Upon receiving Statement of Release TFQM Statement of Release Update application system database so that certificates of material will show latest TFQM revision date. Computer system updated to reflect latest TFQM revision on certs

*TFQM Working Draft is kept in a computer file and uploaded as a draft on the Internet for review and approval. Upon approval, this working master is changed from "draft" status.

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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