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TOP-TOPSM: TOPS Maintenance and Control

REV: 11/18/16

SCOPE: This procedure covers the maintenance and control of Trinity Operating Procedures (TOPs). Each department manager is responsible for being sure that all TOPs affecting his/her department are precisely followed. Any changes to the written procedures in the TOPs must be per this TOP.

1 Any manager As manager recognizes a need to add, modify, or delete a TOP Own judgment, Corrective Action Report, team member suggestion or other source Notify QA Manager to add, modify or delete a TOP by email and a marked-up copy of current TOP. QA Manager notified
2 QA Manager Upon receiving TOPs Change Request Trinity Forge Quality Manual, ISO-9001:2008, AS9100C,  TOPs Change Request Review TOP change;  if not in agreement with proposal, negotiate with requester to resolve issues, using VP-Quality & Engineering as arbiter, if necessary; email TOPs Change Request to TOPs Clerk; verify that changes do not cause non-conformances with ISO and As standard. TOPs Change Request emailed to TOPs Clerk; ISO and AS requirements validated
3 TOPs Clerk Upon receiving a TOPs Change Request TOPs Change Request Create a draft TOP, including corrections to spelling and formatting; email draft with the TOPs Change Request to the VP-Quality & Engineering; cc QA Manager.

NOTE: No TOP will be kept in draft form for more than one month.

Draft TOP emailed to VP-Quality & Engineering for approval cc QA Manager.
4 VP-Quality & Engineering Upon Receiving draft TOP Draft TOP; AS9100 and ISO 9001 current standards Review and either approve or email the draft back with corrections, in either case to the TOPs Clerk; cc QA Manager; verify that changes do not cause non-conformances with ISO and AS standards. TOP reviewed; final approval given; TOP emailed to TOPs Clerk; ISO and AS requirements validated
5 TOPs Clerk
Upon receiving e-mail from VP-Quality & Engineering E-Mail, draft of TOP Make any necessary corrections, possibly working with QA Manager, and resubmit draft per instructions above; upon receiving approval from VP-Quality & Engineering, update TOP, TOPs Revision History and, if needed, DLIST then email a draft Statement of Release to QA Manager. TOP updated and published; Revision History updated; if necessary, DLIST updated; draft Statement of Release emailed to QA Manager
6 QA Manager Upon receiving draft Statement of Release TOP, Statement of Release Review all updates; work with TOPs Clerk to resolve any errors; email Statement of Release out to all employees with network access. TOPs files reviewed; Statement of Release emailed to all employees with network access
7 Anyone (especially managers) Upon receiving TOPs Statement of Release TOP, Statement of Release, own judgment Review TOP changes to determine if anyone in department needs to be aware of the change and inform them as appropriate. All team members kept appraised of TOP changes affecting their jobs

For information on a document or record, including definition, primary responsibility and retention, refer to the Document and Record Master List.

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